Friday, April 20, 2012


This Sunday we start a new 3-week series here at E-Free that I am very excited about. It will actually be a word-by-word study of 2 Timothy 3:14-17 in which we will see clearly and in detail the character of the Bible. The main thrust of week #1 will be that the Bible is UNIQUE! The main thrust of week #2 will be that the Bible is INSPIRED! The main thrust of week #3 will be that the Bible is SUFFICIENT!

The stage will be set with a “military” flare as seen pictured above! The reason for the military angle is due to the fact that we are viewing the next 3-weeks like Bible Boot Camp in which we encourage all of our recruits to return to the basics of understanding our training manual which is Scripture. For this reason we are calling the series “Word War Won.” Word – because it is a series about the Word of God; War – because the character and authority of the Bible are under attack today, even in the church; Won – because in the end Scripture will win and we will as well as we put our faith in its teachings.

Look this Sunday for a military style welcome to our service along with some great worship led by our worship team. There will also be several people who will following the Lord in water baptism as well. The sermon this Sunday will be introduced by a special video that will invite you to “Rediscover the Bible.” And the service will end with a special music number by Samantha Dunn and our Worship Team.

We will also be back to having our Classic Service this week as well. I am really looking forward to this because this is the week that I get to lead the worship singing in the Chapel this Sunday which I always enjoy. There will also be a prayer time and a flute solo by Heather House as part of our Classic Service this Sunday.

It is going to be a great Lord’s Day here at E-Free! Why not invite someone to attend with you?

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