Thursday, April 05, 2012

Play Ball!

In my mind, today should be a national holiday! I mean it! Banks should be closed today! No mail should be delivered today! Everyone should be off work today! Why? Because today is opening day for Major League Baseball! I know that there has already been a series played over in Japan and last night there was another regular season game played between the Cardinals and the Marlins, but in my mind today is opening day (By the way, whatever happened to Cincinnati always starting the season off?)!

I love most sports. I enjoy basketball (at least at the college level). I enjoy football (at any level). I love hockey (especially during the NHL playoffs); and I even enjoy watching soccer (too bad we won't be able to watch the United States soccer team in the Olympics this summer! BUMMER!). Now I have always resisted golf until recently moving to northern Michigan where I have found myself out on the course for the first time in my life. As a result, if no other sports are on, I will even tune into a few minutes of golf on the television. I'll even stop while flipping the channels for tennis or bowling. Sorry NASCAR fans, I still can't make myself tune in to cars constantly turning left.

So as you can, I love most all sports - but baseball is my passion when it comes to athletics! And the timing could not be more perfect. Typically, I take my day off on Friday but because this Friday is "Good Friday" and I am speaking at the community Good Friday service here in Gaylord that is being held at our church at noon, I am taking today as my day off this week which just so happens to be Opening Day for Major League Baseball! How fortunate is that!

So for me, today is a holiday! In fact, if I had some bunting, I would drape it over the banister of my porch! Baseball - the great American past-time! And it all starts today!

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!


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Rick Glass said...

Agreed - National Holiday! The traditionalist in me, agree -Cincy should open up with a day game for the official beginning of the MLB season. Couldn't agree more - NASCAR is NOT a sport!! Driving a car? Come on. We do that everyday! Hitting a ball 330 ft for a HR or throwing a 45 yrd pass for a TD...that's a sport!
Enjoy your holiday!! Long year for your Tribe, I'm afraid. You have to have some loyaltys still to PA - Go Phils! :-)