Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Where was God when...?

On a somewhat regular basis I am asked to write a "Pastor's Perspective" in the local "Weekly Choice" newspaper here in northern Michigan. This week's edition is one of those times. The topic given to me was "Where was God when...?" Below is my article:

“Where was God when…?” Right away that question causes people’s minds to go back to 9.11. My generation will always be able to tell exactly where we were on that fateful September morning. But each person can most likely finish that same question with a personal memory as well. Each of us have faced an adversity in our lifetime be it an illness, a death, the loss of a job, a betrayal or some other hurtful experience. The truth is that there is no way to get through life without such an encounter and most likely we each have another “where was God when” story still ahead of us.

So what is the answer? Where was God on 9.11? Where was God when you got that bad report from the doctor? Where was God when you lost your job? Where was God when you were betrayed by a spouse or a friend? Where was God when you stood next to that freshly dug grave? Let me be a bit transparent. For me the question would be, “Where was God when I faced a time of deep betrayal and hurt from individuals I had poured myself into for years?”

The answer may be hard to accept but nonetheless true! In those times, God was where He has always been…on His throne in total and complete control. God is always in control – even when life seems out of control. Nothing ever takes Him by surprise and I guarantee you that He never utters the words, “OOPS! Now what should I do?” It is that fact that kept me going in my greatest “where was God when” moment and it is that fact that can give you hope if you are going through a “where is God when” time in your life right now.

Just think about the greatest tragedy in the course of human history. It happened over 2,000 years ago on a hillside just outside the city walls of Jerusalem when the Son of God was crucified and died. Where was God when Jesus died? He was on His throne in total control! And it was through that crucifixion that God demonstrated His love to those of us who were sinners as Jesus paid the penalty in our place and for our sin. Three days later that event then resulted in an empty tomb and a risen Savior! It’s true! Even when life’s events seem the darkest, God is in control! As a result, you can trust Him during your “where is God when” experience!

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