Friday, April 13, 2012

The Florida Beach Comes to Northern Michigan

This Sunday will be a very special Sunday here at E-Free. God worked in some wonderful ways here in our church last Sunday on Easter but He also worked in just as wonderful of a way among our High Students down in Florida over Spring Break. This Sunday our High School students will be taking a full hour of our service, not just to share with us what happened, but to allow us to experience what it is like to be on this amazing trip.

The stage will be set up like their campsite in Florida complete with a tent, laundry line and campfire. Our teens who went on the trip will all be sitting on picnic tables from the start of the service just as they did each morning for devotions.

Prior to the service starting we will be showing a promotional video for a new Saturday morning class starting soon here at E-Free called, “Run For God.” I will then start the service by welcoming everyone and introducing a promotional video for the upcoming Men’s Conference. Following this I will welcome two new members into our church and introduce the youth portion of our morning by introducing Jonathon Tubbs who led singing on the Florida Trip. He will then lead all of us in a song of worship.

Pastor Newell will then dismiss the children to Kid’s Church and say a few words about the trip. This will lead into a “Count Up” that the teens do down in Florida and a fun song the teens like to sing each year on their Spring Break trip.

A few teens will then share about some of the experiences they had in Florida including the morning devotional times and the storms (literal) they endured. The teens will then sing two songs, “Prince of Peace” and “Amazing Love.” Following this there will be testimonies from our teens as they share how God worked in their hearts personally. They will then end their portion of the morning singing the song “Sanctuary” as a video is shown of the teens who were baptized on the trip.

I will then wrap up the morning and we will then have our offering as Jonathon Tubbs and the teens will lead the congregation in a closing song of worship and celebration. It is going to be a great Sunday! Few things are more exciting than seeing teens excited about Jesus and willing to talk about it! That's what will happen this Sunday at Gaylord E-Free!