Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Problems

What do you call it when the parking lot at church is reaching capacity on Sunday morning?  You call that a GOOD PROBLEM!

What do you call it when the appearance in the auditorium on Sunday has the impression of being full, especially if you come in after the service has started and aren't sure where to find a seat?  You call that a GOOD PROBLEM!

What do you call it when every room (and even areas that aren't rooms) are being used during Sunday morning's second hour with children, teens and adults digging deeper into the Word of God?  You call that a GOOD PROBLEM!

What do you call it when the number of people in the lobby after the church service makes it very difficult to really connect with people?  You call that a GOOD PROBLEM!

What do you call it when you have 100 men who made decisions over the weekend that now need a follow-up contact?  You call that a GOOD PROBLEM!

GOOD PROBLEMS?  What does that mean?

On one hand these are all GOOD!  It is exciting to be part of a growing church.  It is exciting to see people excited about God.  It is exciting to see lives being transformed through the power of God's Word and the working of God's Spirit.  These things are good.  But let us never forget that all of these things are a result of the work of God.  He is the only one who deserves glory, praise and credit.  He alone causes the increase.  That's why these things are GOOD.

On the other hand these are also all PROBLEMS!  When people have to struggle to find a parking space on Sunday morning they will quit coming.  When people perceive that the auditorium is too full on Sunday they will quit coming.  When people feel like sardines in the foyer on Sunday morning they will never connect with others.  When rooms are unavailable on Sunday morning new classes cannot be added.  These things are PROBLEMS.  

So if you are part of the Gaylord E-Free Church, what should we do about these GOOD PROBLEMS?

First, there must be PRAISE!  Spend time giving God praise for all that He is doing here at Gaylord E-Free.

Second, there must be PRAYER!  Pray for the leadership in our church that is working on these GOOD PROBLEMS!  Pray that God would lead us in exactly the rights steps to take.  Pray that God will provide the funds necessary to allow for greater growth for God's Kingdom.  And pray that God will protect us as a church and keep us tied together in unity as we seek to accomplish our purpose as a church which is to meet as many people as possible right where they are and help move them to where God wants them to be.

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Glen said...

Aren't we totally blessed, having the confidence that He who has allowed us to experience these Good Problems will also give us the solution to address them? All things are possible with the God "we" worship!