Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Staff Reviews Begin Today!

Today is my first round of staff reviews with the ministry staff here at the Gaylord E-Free Church. It is my goal to conduct these one-on-one reviews twice a year. But why? Why do reviews in church work at all? Is it really necessary? Let me give some reasons why I believe staff performance reviews are important, especially in church work.

First, it helps to increase the development and performance of each staff member. Let's be honest - none of us function at 100% effectiveness. There are always weaknesses that can be worked on and strengths that can be further developed. Staff reviews allow each of our staff members to increase in ministry effectiveness.

Second, it helps to strengthen the working relationship between the staff member and the supervisor. The better the relationship I have with our staff, the greater effectiveness we will have as a team. Relationships are increased by building trust with each other and trust is built by honesty and communication.

Third, it clarifies job duties and responsibilities. Few things are more frustrating than not being sure exactly what your role is and being unsure of what your supervisor expects of you. Staff reviews take the guess work out of things.

Fourth, it allows an opportunity to appraise past accomplishments. Perhaps you have been there where you believe you are doing your job and doing it well and the only feedback you are getting from those around you and above you is positive. Then, out of nowhere you learn that there is dissatisfaction with your performance and it appears to be beyond the point of no return. Regular staff reviews allow each staff member to know if there are any problems well in advance so that they have the opportunity to make corrections.

Fifth, it establishes mutually understood standards for measuring performance and charting future objectives. Reviews allow me as the Lead Pastor and each of our ministry staff members to be on the same page as we move forward to reach our redemptive potential as a local church.

So this week will be our first round of staff reviews as I will meet one-on-one with all seven of our ministry staff members to talk through two documents. The first document is the Staff Self-Awareness Form. This is a form that each staff member has filled out and turned into me in advance that deals with their assessment of their performance; the status of their goals from the past 6 months; and to identify their new goals for the upcoming 6 months. Along with this, I will go through a Staff Performance Evaluation Form that I have filled out in advance on each staff member reviewing their performance in the following 4 areas:

CHARACTER = Are they exemplifying a Christ-like behavior and attitude?

COMPETENCE = Are they accomplishing their ministry role here at E-Free?

CHEMISTRY = Are they interacting well with our staff, church leadership and church family?

COURAGE = Are they willing to take Spirit-led risks to advance our ministry?

We have a wonderful staff here at Gaylord E-Free Church and I am praying that God will use these reviews to allow us to become all that we can be for the cause of Christ as individuals and as a team!


Nicole Bradstreet said...

Thank you Pastor Scott for your candidness. I know as a former supervisor, that this week will be very rewarding however it may not go without bumps. I will pray for continued wisdom and grace to be with the entire team as you all grow through this process. And I am grateful for you all as you serve us, the E-free family, in obedience to our Father.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Nicole! I feel so blesses to be able to lead and serve with such an awesome group of men and women!

Sheri said...

I appreciate your openness about what you are doing with the staff. It's nice that what is being done is no big secret. I'm grateful that you desire to bring this church to its fullest potential. Thank you Pastor Scott!