Thursday, January 12, 2012

Me? Do What?

God told Noah in Genesis 6 to do the following:

Build a floating box-like object out of gopher wood!

Make it 450 feet long (roughly 1.5 football fields)!

Make it 75 feet wide!

Make it 45 feet high!

Put three levels in it!

Cover the whole thing with pitch!

Put a window in it about 18 inches from the top!

Put a door in the side of it!

Put two of every animal in the world on it!

Put enough food on it for you, your family and the animals to eat for over a year!

Do all of this in a culture that has no modern technology!

Do all of this in the teeth of thousands of people who will persecute you daily!

Do it because God is going to send a flood even though nobody at the time had ever even seen rain!

And how did Noah respond to al of this? Genesis 6:22 says, "Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did?"

So tell me, why do you and I have such a hard time doing what God has commanded us to do today. I mean, listen, at least He hasn't commanded us to build an ark!

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Nicole Bradstreet said...

And really, why is it so easy to trust Him with Life and Death of even our babies, but I have the hardest (daily battle) trusting Him for finances. And shamefully I admit that He has come through in major ways on both issues. It's about control...I like to think I have control over money, but it's easy to relinquish control over life and death especially when there truly is nothing that can be done but pray and beg God for our children. Just something I feel I might always have to work on...=(.