Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BEWARE...Animals Worshipping!

This Sunday morning here at E-Free we will continue our new series that we are calling, “The Noah Factor: All Are Welcome,” which is a verse-by-verse study through Genesis 5-9. This Sunday we will continue in chapter 6 taking special note of the command of God to Noah to build the ark with very explicit instructions given as to its size and features. We will learn the answers to the following questions:

· What does the word “ark” mean?

· How is the word “ark” also used in the life of Moses?

· What was the ark made out of?

· What was the ark to be covered with?

· What does the word “pitch” mean?

· How long is a cubit?

· How long was the ark to be?

· How wide was the ark to be?

· How tall was the ark to be?

· How many levels were to be in the ark?

· What was the total square footage of the ark to be?

· How many basketball courts would have fit inside the ark?

· If the lower level of the Gospel Center was the size of the ark, what would be its seating capacity?

· What was to be put 1 cubit from the top of the ark?

· What was to be put in the side of the ark?

· How many train boxcars of animals could have fit inside the ark?

· Besides his own family, what two things was Noah to take into the ark?

· How did Noah respond to all that God commanded him to do?

Below are the special elements we are looking to have as part of our services this Sunday:

· We will once again have “Noah Trivia Questions” on the screen as part of our pre-service countdown clock

· We will show a clip from the movie “Evan Almighty” to show how God might have communicated to Noah with the command to build the ark if the story would have happened today

· The rubble on the stage from last week will literally be turned into an ark

· Noah himself will be back with us throughout the message, this time along with his 3 sons

· There will be a special Noah related skit as part of the Classic Service

· A special Marriage Mentoring Training promo will take place in both services.

· DON’T MISS THIS!!!! At the end of the sermon we will see God’s command to take animals on to the ark. Be careful as you leave the Gospel Center this Sunday morning as some of those animals just may already be making their way toward the ark! And whatever you do, please do NOT touch any animal you might happen upon while leaving the service this Sunday!


Marie Sarchet said...

I am sorry if I chuckle on Sunday, but I cannot hear the word cubit and NOT think of Bill Cosby as Noah...

Pastor Scott said...

That's a classic!

Anonymous said...

Whats a cubit??????????

I loved that one also, just don't start talking about snakes.....or shop teachers or the green hornet. Please send me your current e-mail address I would like to forward you something about one of your other words "pitch" thanks buddy.

Pastor Scott said...

My email is