Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Frustration with Tebow

OK - I have resisted the craze of bloggers everywhere who are writing about Denver Broncos quarterback sensation, Tim Tebow. But now that his end of the season and post-season run has come to an end, I might as well way in with my thoughts on this modern athletic phenomena.

I have to be honest, I'm to the point that when I see postings with the name "Tebow" in them, I find myself skipping right over them. After all, they all seem to be saying just about the same thing. So let me approach my thoughts on Tebow from a total different perspective. Let me take out the spiritual aspect completely which is difficult for me because I am a preacher and so I naturally see and like to point out the spiritual aspects of every situation.

So what's my take on Tim Tebow? It is total consternation! It is total frustration! Why all the angst? Here's why. Because on one hand I rally like Tebow. I love the story. It's one of those sports stories that you couldn't just dream up on your own if you wanted to. And I am for anyone who, as a follower of Jesus, genuinely wants to make his faith public and use his platform as an NFL quarterback to shine the light of Jesus to so many people. Because of all of that, I am very excited about Tim Tebow.

So what's the problem? Why the personal consternation? Why the personal frustration? It's simple. It's because Tim Tebow is not just any quarterback. He is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. A huge part of me wants to get on the "Tebow Bandwagon." A huge part of my wants to put on the Tebow Jersey. And if it were any color other than Broncos Blue and Orange, I could and I would (unless of course it was the black and yellow of the Pittsburgh Steelers - that would be even worse).

Pretending that this posting is a public session of "Bitter People Anonymous," let me just take this opportunity to introduce myself. "Hi! My name is Scott and I am bitter." That's right, I admit it! I am still bitter from the late 80's when two years in a row those evil Broncos pulled out a miracle when my beloved Cleveland Browns were ready to pop the corks on the bubbly to celebrate an AFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl. "The Drive" and "The Fumble" are phrases that still cause a knot to form in the pit of my stomach.

You see, guys like me that faithfully root for professional sports teams that never seem to be able to win the big one have discovered that it's almost as fun to root against some teams as it is to root for your own. As a result, when it comes to the NFL, I will never be able to find myself with favorable feelings for the Denver Broncos (or worse, for the Pittsburgh Steelers).

You see, when the Broncos had John Elway as their quarterback, it was so much easier. There were no mixed emotions. I wanted to see old #7 fail on the gridiron just as much as I wanted to see the whole Broncos team come up short. That's why I am so frustrated with Tebow. Deep inside I would love to see him succeed. I would love to see him become the best of the best. But how can I do that as long as he's playing a Mile High?


Rick Glass said...

Are the Browns still in the NFL? Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, Denver Bronocs 24 over Philly Eagles 13. MVP- Mr. Timothy Tebow!! (GB2)

Freemans said...

Scott - you can root for Tebow without rooting for the Broncos. He is just one man on the team. I like two QB's right now - Tebow and Matt Ryan - both first class young men who play for teams I don't care for. I have my own wounds to heal as a Vikings fan and I could hardly tell you one player on either the Vikings or the Browns - we can root for our losers as teams - and still praise other players. Troy Palomalu is a Christian as well (I hear) - and prays often during games. Like anyone, we know only what we see or hear and can only trust what is in their hearts. And even though Pamomalu is a Steeler, I think as Christians, the minimum we can do is get up and give each other high fives when we see them show public signs of honoring our Lord. So when Tebow throws a touchdown pass and goes to his knee, cheer for the prayer and the courage to display his faith - and we can go back to sulking about the Browns and Vikings then!

Jen Jeffers said...

Matt Book better NEVER read this post or he will leave the church!!!!:)

Jen Jeffers said...

Matt Book better never read this blog or he will leave the church!:) Huge Steelers fan:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, They are and they're even in the playoffs! They are called the Ravens! LoL

Pastor Scott, Blood is thicker than water, so that makes Tebow your brother! Get over the past and move on brother, I had to when my Baltimore Colts skipped town in the middle of the night and moved to Indianapolis.

Craig Ford

PS. See you on the Tebow band wagon next year!