Sunday, May 08, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday nights are always a good night to relax and reflect over the weekend. This weekend was busy but it was especially good. I think the fact that we finally got some nice spring weather here in northern Michigan really helped that out a lot.

We became official residents of Michigan this week - at least in the eyes of the Secretary of State. Friday, we spent some time getting our new driver's licenses (or at least applying for them) and our new Michigan license plate. We also were able to transfer our voter registration while there as well. We were pretty impressed with the quality and friendliness of those who worked at the Secretary of State Office. In the other states in which we have lived these tasks were done at the Bureau or Department of Motor Vehicles. We always joked that it seemed that they only hired people with no personalities and no sense of humor. This was not the case at the Secretary of State office here in Gaylord.

Before heading over to get our license plates and drivers licenses taken care of, we first had to get our Michigan no fault auto insurance. PA was not a no-fault state, nor did they have lifetime medical coverages. As a result, we were a bit shocked when we saw the price difference from what we were paying back in the Keystone state...OUCH!

Friday night we had an impromptu dinner date with friends. That is always an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Laura and I then went over to the High School where we had been given tickets to the Gaylord Community Orchestra concert. The theme was "A Night At The Movies." All the music that was played were songs used in movies. When I was in Junior High and High School, band and orchestra was my life (I played trumpet - note the past has been many years since I last played). As a result, I still enjoy hearing a good concert.

Laura spent the weekend painting. She is trying to get the kid's rooms put together before they get home from college. Joy and Jonathan should be pulling in one week from Tuesday. We are excited to be able to spend the summer together as a family. With Joy entering her final year of college this fall, we realize that this very well could be the last summer we get to spend together as a family. We appreciate your prayers for our kids - they are coming "home" to a place that has never been their "home." That can be tough. They will also need to find summer jobs as soon as they get here.

I spent several hours Saturday afternoon and into the evening working in the yard. I was amazed at the number of limbs and branches that had come down from all the trees on our property due to the winter wind, snow and ice. Our yard is three times as big here in Michigan as it was in PA. At least I will get a lot of exercise in this summer with my push mower. I just hope my allergies even out here soon. I think I watered the entire yard with all the sneezing I did while I was working in the yard (OK, I admit it - that was pretty gross)!

The highlight of each and every weekend for me is Sunday. I live for Sundays. Our "Kids Living For Christ" ministry team here at the Gaylord E-Free Church helped us to celebrate Mother's Day by doing a wonderful job in presenting a mini-musical that included their leading our congregation in some fantastic worship. The Cherub Choir also sang and quoted Scripture. You just can't go wrong putting the kids on stage on Mom's Day!

I preached Sunday on the story of Hannah. She is an amazing woman in the Bible that shows hurting women how they can see their hurt turned to hope as their problems turn to prayers. It was very encouraging to hear stories afterwards of how God used His Word. My prayer continues to be for all hurting women (and men for that matter) that as they look to God to be their source of joy and contentment, the worship of God would become greater in their lives; the work of God would become evident in their lives; and that the will of God would become accepted in their lives.

After church Laura and I drove out to Charlevoix to enjoy a Mother's Day Buffet at the Grey Gables restaurant and then take a stroll by Lake Michigan. Northern Michigan is a beautiful place to live and we love driving around and seeing the scenery. It was a relaxing and a very enjoyable way to end a beautiful spring weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys. We never know what is going to happen in our lives but God is always there for us and in the end he is faithful to provide. Miss you!!!
Pat G.

Pastor Scott said...

Amen, Pat! We miss you too! Have a great summer!

kimmer4life said...

Does this mean the 18+ inches of snow have melted? You see grass? etc? I have to tell you that we can't wait to come visit, but I'd really like to not have to wear my winter coat/clothes! (but you guys are soooo worth it if I have to!)

Craig said...

Thanks for this personal post! Glad you are settling in and we will pray for Joy and Jonathan's "homecoming" next week!

Pastor Scott said...

No snow as of now, Kim...but no guarantees!!!!!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Craig. Sure appreciate you, brother!