Tuesday, May 10, 2011

E-Free Goes iTunes

Have you ever missed church for vacation or for another reason and wanted to hear the message from the Sunday that you missed?

Have you ever sat in church listening to the sermon and you couldn't stop thinking of someone else who wasn't there that you wish could be hearing that same message?

Have you ever had a message on Sunday impact your life so much that you wanted to hear it preached over again?

We'll, we are making it easier for this to take place here at the Gaylord E-Free Church. You can already listen to the audio of past messages through our church website. But now, you can listen to the messages preached here at the E-Free Church via iTunes as well. This involves many of our past messages including last Sunday's message on "Hope for Women who Hurt." All of our future messages will now be available on iTunes as well. Simply log on to iTunes and put Gaylord E-Free into the search engine or use the link below:


Carrie Sharpe said...

This really is awesome. As a mom of 5, I occasionally miss worship due to a sick child. It is great to be able to listen at home and not miss out. This makes it even easier to stay connected.

Pastor Scott said...

Awesome, Carrie! You can thank Matt Jenkins as he is the one that arranged it all.

Carrie said...

Matt rocks! He's been doing a great job promoting youth group with short videos on Facebook as well. Great job!

Ashley Trovato said...

This is awesome. Now how about video ;-) Would love to pretend we can still see/hear you every week. I subscribed to your sermons so each time there's a new one... it downloads instantly to my podcasts folder on my iTunes. I love this!

Just getting caught up on your blog. Miss you guys & think of you often! Enjoy the summer with your kids :-)

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Ashley! How wonderful to hear from you! Hopefully video will be coming soon! We sure miss you guys as well. Too bad Laura and I can't meet you and Rob at Prince Street Cafe! That would be fun! Give my best to Rob and his family!