Friday, May 20, 2011

New Location this Weekend?

This Sunday, the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (GEFC) will hold its services just inside the Pearly Gates in Heaven, at least if the "experts" are right who are predicting that Jesus is coming back this Saturday, May 21st. Could they be right? Are we out of here come tomorrow?

One of these same "experts" made a similar claim back in October of 1988 with the publishing of a booklet entitled "88 Reasons Why Jesus Will Come Back In 1988." A lot of evangelical Christians bought into it. I remember walking out of the mall and finding a copy of the booklet on my car window and on the windows of all the cars around me. In fact, I know of one church that took it so seriously that they held funerals for each other since they would not have their own funerals. They even brought home their college students on the predicted day so they could all be together when Jesus returned. But when the day came and passed, nothing had changed.

So is this Saturday the day? Let me give just a few thoughts:

First, I believe that Jesus is coming back and that the church will be raptured and the bodies of the dead in Christ will be raised.

Second, I believe that this event is imminent, meaning that it could happen at any time.

Third, I believe that the reason Jesus hasn't come back yet is because God, who is patient, is giving more time for people to change their minds about Jesus and put their faith alone in His death and resurrection for their sins.

So will it happen Saturday? It could, but not because the experts have predicted it. If it happens Saturday it will be because it has been the plan of God since before the foundations of the world. I still plan to see you at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church come 9:30 Sunday morning. But if the "experts" guessed right - then will meet just inside the Pearly Gate. Either way, it is going to a great service!


Linda Goodale said...

I am going to buy into until Sunday. Still going to work on the lesson for the little people. But as for mowing the lawn Saturday. Forget it! If the rapture is coming I don't care if the lawn is mowed. Guessing we will be mowing it Monday afternoon.

Pastor Scott said...

I agree...I will wait to mow until Sunday afternoon, just in case! Either way, see ya Sunday!

Tiff said...

I saw one of these billboards a couple of weeks ago and thought it must be a movie with the date listed! Linda agree- leave the lawn. I may even bake a cake to celebrate... :) Calories won't matter eiter- right?

Anonymous said...

This billboard and news story was a good opportunity to discuss things with my older sons, but for my little guy, it just scared him.

Craig said...

Amen, Pastor Scott!
I equate this date setter like the Westboro Baptist church protesters. They just drag Christ's name through the mud and give mockers another reason to disbelieve. One thing for sure is it will be judgement day for many people Saturday, and just like "the Judgement Day", no one knows the day or hour. The truth is we must always be ready to meet the Lord! One thing I've noticed about these people who believe May 21, 2011 is judgement day, is they never give the gospel (Good News!) of the grace of God through Jesus Christ. I think it's okay to proclaim the pending doom of sinners (Bad news), but to do it without giving the wonderful GOOD NEWS of the Gospel is a SIN!

Pastor Scott said...

That is exactly right, Craig. Yes, judgement is coming for all of us someday - that is why it is so vital that the church do the job of the church and proclaim the Good News of Jesus far and wide! Blessings, brotehr!