Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day to Honor and Remember Heroes!

Today is Memorial Day. Today is a day that many of us will enjoy to the fullest. There will be picnics, BBQ's, ballgames, boating, swimming, fishing, camping and many other recreational activities. And well we should. Today is a day to enjoy our freedom as Americans.

But as we participate in all of these wonderful events, may we never forget the sacrifice that has been made for over 200 years by brave men and women of our armed forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice in giving their very lives on the battlefield so that we could be free today, May we never forget the families who will celebrate today's holiday with a a loved one being absent because they have died in the line of duty or because they are overseas in harm's way still protecting our freedoms and our way of life as Americans. These are all American Heroes.

But today let's also take time to give thanks to the One who is ultimately responsible for our freedom - God Himself! The patriotic hymn is right - as a country, He has shed His grace on us! He is the greatest hero of all. And today, He too deserves our thanks and our honor!

Happy Memorial Day!

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