Friday, May 06, 2011

HOPE for Women who HURT

It's Mother's Day this Sunday and here at the Gaylord E-Free Church we have a wonderful service on tap. Our children will be presenting a mini-musical that is going to be just fabulous. Afterwards I will be giving a message that is for more than moms. This message is for all women - especially women who are hurting. We will be looking at the story of Hannah from the pages of the Old Testament. This was a woman whose life was characterized by "HURT." Let me give you a quick glimpse of her life:

She was married to a man who had two wives. That hurts!

She was unable to have any children. That hurts!

She had a rival who was constantly insulting her. That hurts!

She had a husband who was totally and completely insensitive. That hurts!

She had a pastor who falsely accused her of a sin that was not true. That hurts!

Maybe, like Hannah, you are a woman reading this blog posting that is going into this Mother's Day weekend with many hurts in your life too. If that is true, my heart goes out to you. In this broken world we live in there are many thousands and thousands of woman who are hurting deeply. It may be a physical hurt. It may be an emotional hurt. It may be a mental hurt. It may be a relational hurt. It may be an occupational hurt. It may be a financial hurt. It may even be a spiritual hurt. But my guess is that there are many women reading this post who can identify with Hannah because your are living a life of hurt.

This Sunday we will look at the amazing story of Hannah and see how her HURT turned to HOPE! And the same thing can happen in your life as well. If you live near Gaylord, Michigan I invite you to join us at the Gaylord E-Free Church for our 9:30am service as we see from the life of Hannah how to turn your HURT into HOPE. If you do not live near the Gaylord E-Free Church then be sure to go to our website next week ( and listen to the audio recording of this message. To get a head start, spend some time prior to Sunday reading the first chapter of the Old Testament book of First Samuel and see Hannah's story for yourself.

My Mother's Day wish this weekend is for every hurting woman - whether you are a mother or not - that you could see your HURT turned to HOPE! Happy Mother's Day!


jacobkesling said...

That sounds like a great message!!! Not sure what the culture is there...but thought this may shake things up a bit for mothers day...

Check it out...

Pastor Scott said...

Great video, Jacob (except for the Atlanta Braves hat)!