Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quotes from the Jungle

Saturday, my wife (Laura) was part of a group of women from Grace that went and heard Gracia Burnham speak. You will remember that she and her husband were missioanries (I believe in the Philippines) who were kidnapped and held captive in the jungle for many months. Her husband was killed during that time. I enjoyed listening as Laura told me some of Gracia's quotes that day that she had written down. Here are a few of them:

"Always remember what is true!"

"God changed my heart so as not to hate my enemies!"

"Change is hard! Transformation sometimes stinks!"

"The heart of a hero is a clean heart!"

"God does what He wants because He is God!"

"A trial is a trial, is a trial, is a trial! There are no categories!"

"My problem grows when I turn my back towards God and turn my face to the problem making my problem insurmountable!"

"Keep going today because tomorrow you might get to go home!"

"Grace says nothing is beyond repair!"

"It's not in my flesh to forgive. It is a complete work of the Holy Spirit!"

"Do the one thing that God calls you to do!"

Those are some amazing quotes from an amazing lady. I hope one of them encourages you today!


Andy Jewett said...

wasn't I just complaining about my personal situation... Lord, forgive my stupidity.

Nancy Dagen said...

I have said many times - that was the best $15.00 I have every spent. It was a great day.
Gracia sang "Gratitude" - I'd love to hear someone sing that at Church sometime.