Thursday, September 02, 2010

Leadership Development "Ah-ha" Moments

Today things really began to come together for me as I attend this Leadership Development Program here in Colorado Springs, producing some real "Ah-ha" moments. After two days of going through an abundance of data about myself from a lot of pre-assessment work, we spent the morning doing a several hour role play workshop that was designed to allow us to see how our weaknesses as a leader affect others in our organization. We then spent all afternoon in small groups debriefing the exercise with a coach. It was during this time that multiple lights came on that showed me the areas in which who I am as a person and as a leader can and has negatively affected others. Below are just some of those lessons:

Success is not simply results - While results are a major part of success, it is possible to produce results without having success - especially if achieving those results leaves behind a trail of wounded people !

I am a person of extremes - there are very few areas of balance in my personality and leadership style. This must change!

Feedback needs to become my friend not my enemy - it is better to know, even if it is painful, than not to know!

Withdrawing when I don't get my way or when I feel threatened will always be a barrier to building a partnership and producing collaboration!

Approachableness is not having an open door but rather having an open mind - when I refuse to see the value in other people's thoughts and ideas I devalue them!

Effective feedback must focus on the behavior of others and the impact that behavior produces rather then making assumptions about people's motives!

Whenever someone makes false assumptions about my motives due to having only a small amount of data I need to walk them back down the "ladder of inference" so that they can receive more data!

I could go on and on but let me end by sharing my greatest take away so far which is this -

Taking the time to build intrapersonal relationships, even though it is not me and does not come naturally for me, really is vitally important!

More to come...

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Andy Jewett said...

When dealing with any number of personality types in building a team, the tough thing is knowing how to pour into each person individually. We want everyone to respond the way we do, but sometimes the differences/needs are so different from our own that we wound without intent.

I always want to really know those I minister/work with... I crave the intimacy that those relationships can yield (I long to be one of the 12, not the crowd) but I have to realize that not everyone is comfortable with that, or it may not even be realistic. Love, patience, humbleness, a teachable/approachable heart... I have a lot of work to do.

I am praying for you, soak it up but don't walk away from it forgetful. (James 1:22-24) Love you, buddy, thanks for these reminders.