Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working One Day a Week: Part 7 - Wednesday

Hump Day,” as some call it, is a very busy day. Most Wednesdays I leave the house at 7:30am and stay all the way through until 8:30pm. After my usual personal time I am ready for a morning of meetings and appointments. One Wednesday a month I meet with one particular Elder for a time of one-on-one prayer. This is a valuable time for me as it gives me the opportunity to share personal needs and ministry concerns in a safe setting.

Every Wednesday from 10:00am to noon, we have an Executive Staff meeting. This is a meeting with myself, Tim Auld (Executive Pastor) and Rick Bernhardt (Sr Administrator). Each week we meet has a different purpose.

On the first Wednesday of the month we work through what we call our “Top 25 Planes to Land.” I had an air-traffic controller who worked at O’Hare, the busies airport in the world, tell me that the key to success is that you have to land the planes one at a time. On this week we look at the next 25 planes we need to land in our ministry and evaluate where we are on each of them.

On the second Wednesday of the month we look at the ministry calendar for the next 12 months – always adding one more month to the list. This allows us to always be aware of what we have going on one year in advance.

On the third Wednesday of the month we bring in Dennis Jordan, our Finance Manager, and we discuss all the details to the previous month’s financial reports.

On the fourth Wednesday, our Manager’s join us and we look at a similar list to our first week’s meeting, but this is only, “Our Top 10 Planes to Land.”

If there is a 5th week of the month we make that an informal meeting with no agenda – we just talk.

Once a month on Wednesday morning I teach a Bible Study at our Primetime Bible Fellowship. Primetimers are those who are over age 55 (and willing to admit it).

Wednesday afternoon are again given primarily to study. Along with the studying I do all week in regards to Sunday mornings, I also have to take study time to plan other speaking events like the monthly Primetime Bible Study and monthly Staff Meetings, among other things.

Most Wednesday evenings I reserve two hours in my schedule for appointments with people who need to talk but can’t make it in during the work day. Twice a year I also teach a Pre-Marital Class for four consecutive weeks for those whose weddings I will be officiating. Several times a year I also teach an Understanding Grace Class on Wednesday nights for those who are new to Grace and are interested in learning more about our church or even becoming a member.

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