Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update #2 From our Grace Team in France

Below is update #2 that I recevied from Marlin Weaver who is leading our 9-member team from Grace Church in France. This update was received Friday night at 6:21pm (our time). Pictured above are 7 of the 9 team members.

"I wanted to send a quick update from our team here at the Chateau. Everyone is doing well. Our last team member, Stacy arrived today. She changed her ticket so that she could attend her grandmother's funeral. On our first day here Jay (Hocking) gave us a list of projects and told us to pick from the list. The teams response was "and the second day?" We've already finished about half of the list...Some of the things on the second half that we're starting on Monday are bigger projects, but the team is super motivated. We've already stained the windows and shutters on the "new" building, painted the hallways in the same building, built about half of the stone wall, and done all the prep work for tiling the dining room (we will start that on Monday). Tomorrow (Saturday) we'll be taking the day off work here at the Chateau and will spend the day in Geneva, Switzerland (about one and a half hours from the Chateau). We will be doing some sightseeing and souvenir shopping, but more importantly we'll be talking about the reformation... a movement that shaped much of the way we think and live in the US. Every time I go to Geneva I thank the Lord for men and women who were willing to study the Bible and say no to the unbiblical teaching of that time.There is a childrens weekend here at the Chateau this Saturday and Sunday and our team is looking forward to seeing the Chateau function as a ministry center. We will be attending the Grace Church of Macon on Sunday, and we hope to be an encouragement to them. God Bless, Marlin for the Chateau-France 2010 team."

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