Monday, June 28, 2010

Working One Day a Week: Part 5 - Monday

After my personal time on Monday morning (described in last Wednesday’s posting) I am ready to attend our Team Huddle. Every Monday at 8:30am we gather as a staff out in the main office work area for a “stand-up” meeting. This meeting is run by our Managers (Dennis Jordan who is our Finance Manager, Craig Peters who is our Facility Manager, and Megan Wilkerson who is our Office Manager). At this Team Huddle the managers give us updates that we need to be aware of for that particular week.

At 9:30am I am scheduled to meet with David Felty, our Worship Arts Director. David and I use this time to do three main things. First, we evaluate the services from the previous day. What went well? What could have been better? In what ways did we miss our goals? In what ways did we hit our goals? How was the quality of the service elements? How were the audio and video aspects of the morning? What feedback had we heard about the morning? Second, we talk through the service order for the coming weekend. We try to think through every detail so that nothing catches us off guard come Sunday. Finally, we take time to talk through briefly the three to four Sundays following that. Is everything coming together as we had planned? Are we going to need to make any changes? Do we need to be communicating with any other staff members about any of the upcoming elements?

The rest of my Monday is pretty much given over totally to study. For me study each week involves two different focuses. First, I focus on the upcoming Sunday. Monday is the day I really pour in the mental juices to tearing apart the text and making sure that I am really understanding its meaning and its context as best as I possibly can. This is the day that I have to finalize my sermon notes for the morning program and my slides for the screens so that the staff member’s responsible can put these aspects of the Sunday service together.

But my study time each Monday also has to focus on the series that will be upcoming three months down the road. Here is why. Our Worship Design Team meets once a month (I will talk about that more in tomorrow’s blog) to plan the creative elements of the service. When they meet they are planning the services two months in advance. So when they meet in July, they will be planning the services for the month of September. In order to give them time prior to our meetings to prayerfully think through the services we will be planning, I have to get in their hands a rough draft overview of each sermon one month prior to our meeting. This means that at all times I have to be three months ahead in general study and sermon preparation. As you can imagine, that is quite a task. As a result, I give most all of my day Monday to study.

Every few weeks I am also Pastor of the Day on Monday. Monday’s are Pastor Whitie’s day off (Pastor Whitie does our hospital visitation) so each pastor takes a turn as Pastor of the Day on a Monday in case of any emergencies that come up that require a Pastor. The other thing I do every Monday is to send an update out to our entire staff and another one to our Elders, updating them on the victories of the weekend and the main activities of the coming week.

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