Friday, April 04, 2008

A Whole New World - Part Two

This Sunday we will finish our 3-week series from Revelation 21-22 that we are calling “The WOW Factor: World of Wonder.” Yesterday I overviewed the aspects of this heavenly city (that we commonly call ‘heaven’) which we have already studied. If you did not read yesterday’s entry, you may want to do so before reading on today. Here are a few more details of this city that we will see this Sunday morning at Grace:

The City (21:18) – This celestial city will be made of pure gold!

The Wall (21:19-20) – The wall that surrounds this city will be made out of every precious stone imaginable including Jasper; Sapphire; Chalcedony; Emerald; Sardonyx; Sardius; Chrysolyte; Beryl; Topaz; Chrysoprase; Jacinth; and Amethyst!

The Gates (21:21) - Each of the 12 gates around this city are made of one huge pearl reminding us each time we enter the city that it is only through the suffering of Christ that we are there!

The Street (21:21) – There is at least one street in this city that is made of pure gold. It is so pure that it is transparent like glass!

The Temple (21:22) - There is no temple in this city because God Himself is the temple!

The Light (21:23; 22:5) - There is no sun or moon in this city nor will there be lights or lamps. The glory of God is all the light this city will need!

The Inhabitants (21:24, 26) - All the inhabitants of this city will be believers. All glory and honor in this city will be given to God!

The Night (21:25) - It will be continually daylight in this city and the gates will always be open showing perfect security and the fact that there will be no bodily weariness!

The Perfection (21:27) - There will be no sin included in this city!

The River of Life (22:1) – There will be a river in this city that is as clear as crystal which flows right out of the throne of God. This river symbolizes eternal life and satisfaction!

The Tree of Life (22:2-4) – There is a tree in this city that bears a different fruit each month symbolizing eternal life and delight. It will have health giving therapy that produces joy. We will never age in heaven…everything will always be like new!

Just think of stepping on shore…and finding it heaven!
Just think of touching a hand…and finding it God’s!
Just think of breathing new air…and finding it celestial!
Just think of waking up in glory…and finding it home!

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