Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Blogging Milestone

Today is another blogging milestone for me. Believe it or not this is my 800th blog entry. When I posted my very first blog entry a little more than three years ago on March 31, 2005, I gave the following reasons as to why I was starting to blog:

The main purpose of my blog will be to share more personal stuff about me, my family, and my thoughts with you about current events, spiritual truths, and just plain “stuff” that pops into my mind and that you may or may not find interesting. Hopefully, it will accomplish several things:

1. It will be yet another tool of communication to keep you connected

2. It will allow you to learn more about your pastor and what makes him tick

3. It will allow you to know more specifically how you can pray for our church, myself, and my family

4. It will be a source of both inspiration and entertainment to add a spark to your day

Now, 3 years and 800 entries later, hopefully I have accomplished all of the above. Hopefully you have felt more connected to Grace Church. Hopefully you have learned more about me as an individual. Hopefully you have learned better how you can pray more specifically for me, my family and our church. And hopefully you have been inspired as well as perhaps entertained throughout the process.

Tomorrow I will post blog entry 801 on my way to 900 and the reasons why I blog really haven’t changed much at all. The 4 reasons above are still very valid. I guess I could add a few additional reasons why I continue blogging. One is that I really do enjoy it. I enjoy putting my thoughts down in writing and sharing them with those who care to read them. It has become somewhat of a hobby. It makes me wish I had (or would take) the time to write a book. Maybe when I retire (at the age of 45) I will start on that project.

I also have enjoyed getting to know many people I otherwise would have never met who have made e-mail contact with me due to their being one of the over 56,000 people from well over 100 countries who have visited my blog over the past three years. Technology really is a wonderful thing. To think that I can post my blog sitting in my office at Grace Church in Lititz PA and within minutes those same words are being read literally all over the country and even more amazingly, all over the world. WOW!

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