Thursday, April 24, 2008


It is amazing how Sundays roll around with such regularity, isn’t it? I am so glad they do. I love Sundays! In fact, it is safe to say that I live for Sundays…especially Sundays here at Grace Church. This is such a great place to worship the Lord week after week. The level of excitement and anticipation is amazing as the auditorium fills up for each of our Sunday morning services. So what is in store for Sundays over the next 6 months?

May 11 – June 1: Super Heroes: Wonder Women (a study in Proverbs 31): Mother’s Day will begin this four week study in which we take a close examination of the ideal woman as seen in the last chapter of Proverbs.

June 8 – June 29: Super Heroes: Super Men (a study in the book of Philemon): The week before Father’s Fay we will switch gears toward the men with a 4-week study through the book of Philemon in which we will see the need for men who will forgive.

July 6: Patriotic Celebration: This Sunday will be a special Sunday in which we honor America and the men and women who protect her at home and abroad. The Worship Design Team will be planning this event at their next meeting and more details will be coming shortly after that. in May.

July 13: Dr. Jerry Young Preaching: Dr Young pastored Grace Church for 33 years before retiring in 2004. He will be back in the pulpit on this Sunday preaching for me while I am away on vacation.

July 20: What’s That Smell? (a stand alone sermon from 2 Corinthians 2:14-17): This Sunday we will see how we as believers in Jesus are a penetrating fragrance. To those who will believe it is the aroma of life. To those who are perishing, we are the smell of death.

July 27: To Be Announced! Our pastors will be away attending our Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches Adult Conference in Tampa, FL. A special guest speaker for this morning will be announced soon.

August 3 – August 31: Temptation! This will be a 5-week series as we study five different instances where individuals were tempted to sin including Eve, Jesus, Joseph, David and Daniel. We will learn valuable lessons about temptation from seeing how some of these succeeded in resisting and why some of them succumbed to the lure of sin.

September 7 – October 26: Anti-Christ! This will be an 8-week prophetic series as we move into the general election in which we will learn all that the Bible teaches about the coming one-world ruler, empowered by Satan himself, that we call “The Anti-Christ.”

November 2 – November 16! Israel: Pastor Tim Auld will be preaching a mini-series of his own on November 2 and 9 while I am in Israel. On November 16 I will share the highlights from my trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

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