Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strategic Planning - Part Three

Note: This is the third of a three part overview of the strategic planning day that our ministry staff had last week. Be sure to read parts one and two prior to reading today’s.

Rich then led us in identifying the key areas where strategic planning is needed for the next 5 years. We identified these areas as Weekend Services; Assimilation; Culture of Evangelism; Personnel; Facilities; First Impressions; Marketing; Finance; Technology; Education; Organizational Structure; and Strategic Alliances. From there we begin taking these areas one at a time and talking through a long list under each of them of dreams and goals. We then picked 4 or 5 of these dreams and goals as the priority.

Weekend Services: We want to add a third service; Make the Elevate program the children’s ministry focus for all of our worship services so all children experience it; Develop a youth program that fits but doesn’t compete with our worship services; Provide an effective fellowship time/area where people can connect with each other when they come to worship.

Assimilation: We want to develop a small group ministry where people can connect intimately; Evaluate and develop our Core Classes to better help people take steps of baptism, church membership, serving, giving, and sharing their faith; Develop a computerized check-in system for children through adults so we can better track who is attending and who is missing from week to week; Begin researching how we can be on the cutting edge of cultural diversity as our community becomes more diversified; Become more strategic in assimilating people from our school and daycare into the ministry of Grace Church.

Culture of Evangelism: We want to have a major “pull out all the stops” church wide outreach event (like the rodeo) every other year with the main goal simply being to connect with thousands of people in our community; Provide training not only in the methods of evangelism but also in understanding our culture today; See personal evangelism taking place in every age group and area of our ministry from our senior citizens to our children and also in our educational ministries of our school and daycare; Focus more on using our level 1 outreach events to lead immediately into effective level 2 events.

Personnel: We want to add positions that would include a Volunteer Coordinator to help us develop, train and appreciate our volunteer base; Pastor of Connections to oversee our small group ministry; Physical Plant Manager to oversee the preparedness and maintenance of our facilities; Executive Pastor who would be the key individual to oversee the staff and ministry on the church side like the Senior Administrator does on the school/daycare side; and a Campus Development Director who would lead us in evaluating our facility needs in light of our goals all the way through a major expansion project.

Our next step is to identify the major objectives in the other key areas that we did not get to and then to formulate a year by year plan as to what needs to happen year by year so that these objectives become reality in the next 5 years. MORE TO COME...

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