Friday, February 16, 2007

To Topeka with Love

Below is an edited copy of the letter I sent to Jim Congdon, Senior Pastor of the Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas, where Bryan Nelson will be starting as Worship Arts Director in April:

Dear Pastor Jim:

Hello! My name is Scott Distler and I am the Senior Pastor here at Grace Church in Lititz, PA. It has been my privilege for the past nearly 3 years that I have been here at Grace to have Bryan Nelson serve with me as my Worship Arts Director. As I have communicated with Doug Will previously, Bryan has been one of my key players and I have been amazed at his value and how God has used Him. Bryan has become more than just a ministry partner, he has also become a trusted friend.

As much as I will miss ministering with Bryan and the daily relationship I have with him, I could not be more excited for what God is doing in his life through opening this great opportunity with you at the Topeka Bible Church. Bryan will now be able to use his many gifts, talents and passions in a great local church while at the same time being able to be close to family. I know how much this means to Bryan and Lisa and it is as if God is giving them the desire of their hearts and the best of both worlds. That’s just like God, isn’t it? He is One who does super abundantly above anything we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Praise the Lord.

Jim, I am confident that you will find Bryan to be just as valuable as I have found him to be. God is blessing you with one of the best, in my opinion. As a result, it is obvious that God has great plans for your ministry and your church. For that, I am very thankful. I love Grace Church but I also realize that it isn’t about one local church, it’s about the Kingdom. As a result, I will be fervently praying for Bryan, for you and for the Topeka Bible Church.

I told Bryan when he first told me about this opportunity that as much as I would love to serve with him forever, what I want even more is God’s best for his life. As a result, I told him that if God clearly directed him to Topeka, that I would be his biggest cheerleader. I meant that sincerely.

I took the liberty of checking out your webpage so I could see a little bit more about the ministry Bryan was going to be part of. I enjoyed listening to a few of your messages. Thank you for the way you and your staff have handled this process. Doug Will’s phone call to me a couple weeks back meant a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I know that you will take good care of Bryan and Lisa and their kids. It is with joy that I entrust them to you.
If your schedule ever puts you near Lititz, PA, I would be thrilled to have you contact me. I would love to meet you someday in person. May God bless you with much fruit!

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