Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grace Goes Western

I hope you share the same excitement for our June 24 RODEO AND WESTERN EVENT as I do! Since we have announced the event, I have heard a lot of positive buzz about it! I’ve even heard of one couple who are changing their vacation plans so they can be here and another couple who is looking to fly red-eye home from a trip to California rather than waiting until Sunday! I have heard many people talking about the unbelievers they know that they will be inviting to the event. One man told me that he met a man at work the other day whose passion was rodeos. Sounds like a Divine Appointment to me. Along with a western style Sunday morning worship service, June 24 will also include:




· ANIMAL AREA (Petting zoo, Pony Rides)

· ENTERTAINMENT & CONTESTS (OB programs, Horseshoes, etc.)

What is the purpose of this event? This is a level one event. Our goal is to touch as many people within our community as possible so that they have a positive experience as they rub shoulders with people from Grace Church who are the salt and light of the world.

What kind of fruit are we looking for from this event? We believe that this will be very successful in taking many people who would never attend a church service and allow them to take a step forward in their spiritual journey, a step which God can use in their lives down the road. We believe that many of these hundreds of community visitors that attend June 24 will then come and check out one of our Sunday morning services or send their kids to our summer Bible School which will start the next day, June 25. At these events, people will be exposed to the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where is the “rodeo” coming from? We are partnering with a Christian Ranch ministry who travel all around the country helping churches make inroads into their communities through these rodeo events. All the workers and cowboys that will be joining us for this June 24 event are committed believers in Jesus Christ with a heart to reach people.

How does the cost of this event fit within our church budget? Because this is the same weekend that we usually do our Patriotic Celebration, this year we are doing the rodeo and western event instead. As a result, most all of the cost for this event is already in the approved budget of the church. Does this mean that we are no longer going to do the Patriotic Celebration? Not necessarily. This rodeo event is a “one-time” event. To attempt to do this event and the Patriotic Celebration at the same time would be far too much of a ministry burden on our budget, staff and volunteers. The only real question left is whether I will be wearing a white or black cowboy hat on that day?!

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