Monday, February 26, 2007

The Grace Moving List

Meeting people where they are; Moving people to where God wants them to be!” We have spent the last four Sundays focusing on this purpose as part of VISION MONTH here at Grace Church.

We spent the first week of the month over-viewing what our purpose statement means. We noted that “meeting people where they are” included meeting them where they were spiritually as well as geographically. We identified “moving people to where God wants them to be” as helping to move people through six levels…the community; the crowd; the curious; the convinced; the committed and the core.

On week two we looked at what our purpose statement means to those of us that are already part of Grace Church. Our need is to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). When we quit moving forward in our Christian life we become spiritually frustrated and spiritually stagnant.

On week three we focused on what our purpose statement means to our relationship with those who are outside of Grace Church. If we are going to meet people where they are we have to be willing to leave our circle of comfort and enter the zone of the unknown. To do this we have to look for divine appointments; leave our comfort zones; love lost people; learn to start conversations; and listen for a common interest.

Last Sunday was the final week of our VISION MONTH. We recapped the entire month and went through a moving list of 7 items, challenging everyone in our Grace Church family to pick at least one of these items to commit to as a next step. These included:

· Accepting Christ as your personal savior

· Being baptized (next baptism is March 18)

· Regular Bible reading

· Attending a “How to have personal devotions” or “How to share your faith” class as part of our Adult Bible Fellowship classes on Sunday mornings beginning in March

· Attending the next Pastor’s Class to learn more about what our church believes (the next Pastor’s Class begins April 25)

· Getting involved in a church ministry (Worship Arts Ministry; Children’s Ministry; First Impressions)

· Identifying an unbeliever that you will pray for and invite to an upcoming outreach event (Easter – April 8; Rodeo and Western Fair – June 24; Bible School - June 25-29)

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