Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Here are several reasons why anyone who is within driving distance of Gaylord E-Free Church should be sure to attend the Gaylord E-Free Church this Sunday:

A special announcement will be made from our Media and Marketing Team explaining how you could win a piece of modern technology just by "LIKING" our church Facebook page!

Great worship will take place in both our Contemporary Service as well as our Classic Service!

There will be a very entertaining "Beat The Clock" style contest taking place to contrast the world's view of a Man of Courage with what the Bible shows us to be a Man of Courage!

You will watch a very thought-provoking video showing the importance of Children's Ministry in the church which will encourage you to pray about becoming involved as we look to expand our children's ministry when we add an additional Contemporary Service to our Sunday morning schedule beginning this September!

During the offering my son, Jonathan, will be singing an original song that he recently wrote entitled, "Call Out to Jesus!"

We will watch our final original video highlighting an Unsung Man of Courage from E-Free Church!

We will give final details of the special service we will be having the following Sunday, July 15, as we look to take our morning service down to the Fairgrounds for an outdoor HEROES DAY including an exciting program followed by a cook out - all free!

I will be preaching the final message in our UNSUNG MEN OF COURAGE series as we look at the ministry of refreshment that came from a man named Onesiphorus seen in 2 Timothy!

All this will take place in our morning service at Gaylord E-Free that begins at 9:30.  Following our worship service, we will have our Second Hour Classes where you can connect with people as you dig deeper into the Scriptures together.  As part of the Second Hour Classes this Sunday I am looking forward to teaching the "Honor Begins at Home" Class which will be held in the chapel.


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