Monday, May 14, 2012

Can I as an Evangelical Christian vote for a Mormon?

Today I go out on to the very thin ice of the blogosphere by mixing religion and politics.  I have had several conversations with people recently, even area pastors, who have asked the question, "How can I as an evangelical Christian vote for a Mormon for President?"

Now before I chime in with my "two cents," let me be very clear that I am not endorsing anyone through writing this blog.  I am taking away the names and political affiliations and just answering the general question, "As an evangelical pastor, Could I vote for a Mormon for President?"

My answer is, "Yes, I could" (Oh, boy, I think I hear that thin ice cracking beneath my keyboard as I type)!  Now before you feel led of the Lord to slap the word "Apostate" on me, let me say right up front that I very much disagree with the theology of Mormonism.  In fact, I see Mormonism as a cult.  I'm not sure I can say it any more clearly.  But when it comes to political elections, I am voting for a political leader not for a Pope, Rabbi or preacher.

Would I be more comfortable voting for someone who shared my theological beliefs as an evangelical Christian?  Of course I would.  But I just don't see how being a Mormon proves that someone can not be a good and effective President.  In fact, I know many evangelical Christians who cross their spiritual "t's" and dot their spiritual "i's" exactly as I do who I would never vote for to be President.  Why?  Because they would be lousy leaders of the free world.

If a Mormon candidate was running for President and he was the one who most closely shared my views on social issues, fiscal issues and issues dealing with foreign affairs, yes, I could and would be able to vote for that person in spite of what I see as their theological errors.  My voting for a Mormon for President who shares many of my values is not an endorsement of Mormonism.

And just in case I'm not on thin enough ice, let me also say that I do not believe that  inviting a Presidential Candidate who happens to be a Mormon to speak at the commencement of a Christian University is also not an endorsement of the Mormon faith.

Quick, someone throw me a rope...I'm pretty sure I just fell through the ice.


William Davis said...

I'll throw you a rope pastor because It sounds like we're in the same boat.

Connie said...

Very well said.

Pam said...

As usual ,I agree!!!!Explained very well:)

nicole bradstreet said...

Yes, so true... and sometimes we are stuck with the "lesser of two evils". Especially in this dying world. =(
Which makes me want to shout and sing "Oh Glorious Day!" from all the rooftops!!!! Come Lord Jesus, Come!!!!