Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Coffee and an Egg McMuffin

This morning I am starting my day with a run through the drive-thru to get me a cup of coffee and an Egg McMuffin (one of the lower calorie breakfast sandwiches you can get at a fast-food restaurant) and boy am I excited!  That may not seem like much of an occasion to celebrate but for me it is and here's why.

Yesterday ended my 21-day Daniel Diet.  On the Daniel Diet you eat only fruit, vegetables, brown rice, and whole wheat pastas.  The worst part for me was beverages.  On the Daniel Diet you can only have water.  That's tough for me because I really don't like water.  So first thing this morning I am making a run to McD's.

The last 21 days has really not been that bad (though I am very glad it is over).  Evening meals have been pretty good and have filled me up.  Snacking was tough because outside of fruit there wasn't a lot to snack on and I am not a big fruit eater.  But it was a good experience, one that my wife and I will do once a year.  Here is why:

-My wife and I did the Daniel Diet together.  It is always a good thing to do adventures together as a married couple!

-The last 21-days was good for our bodies.  I can feel the difference.  I am sleeping better.  I have more energy.  And best of all, I lost 10 pounds over the 3 weeks!

-This Daniel Diet adventure allowed me to break some bad eating habits I developed over the winter.  I lose weight when I eat small amounts every two hours along with a sensible dinner.  The last 21 days has prepared me to get back on that routine and lifestyle - in fact, it will seem like a step up!

-Though we did not do this diet necessarily for spiritual purposes, it had a spiritual benefit.  Any time we say no to the craving of our bodies is good for us spiritually.

So the last 21 days has been good!  But I can't wait to get to McD's!

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Connie said...

Boy, that 21 days went by so fast (for me) lol
Congrats, job well done!