Thursday, May 10, 2012

Orioles and Fingerprints

During a time in our lives when my wife and I were going through a very deep trial in ministry, one of the things that got us through was taking time to look for what we called the "fingerprints of God."  By this we are referring to those little things that happened during the day that seemed small but through them we could see evidence that God was in control of our lives even when it seemed like our life was out of control.  Each night we would grab a cup of coffee and sit out on the back porch and list the ways that we had seen the "fingerprints of God" that day in our lives and in our situation.

I'm not sure why we got away from that because most days we can still see His fingerprints.  Just this week I have been able to see the "Fingerprints of God" around me.  For example, my wife and I have grown to love watching the wide variety of birds that come to our backyard here in Northern Michigan.  We actually have 6 different feeders and a birdbath that we have positioned just right so that when we are sitting in our chairs in the living room watching television we can see each and every feeder along with the birdbath.  We have a book of Michigan birds and we get very excited each time we see a bird in our backyard that we have not seen yet.  We fold that page down in the book, thanking the God who is Lord over the birds for His fingerprints.

My favorite bird to see is the Oriole.  I love that bright orange bird.  Just Saturday we put out an oriole feeder in hopes that eventually some orioles would find our backyard rest area.  On Monday I was out mowing the front yard when my wife came racing out the front door with a huge smile on her face.  You guessed it!  Within 48 hours of putting up the bright orange feeder, an oriole had come for a visit.  To us that is simply a reminder that God is in control of our world and our lives.  To us that beautiful orange bird was "God's fingerprints."

We also saw His fingerprints this week when an encouraging note came in the mail with a special gift inside of it - a gift we were in no way expecting.  That note was anonymous so we don't even know who to thank.  Or do we?  To me, that note was another example of the "Fingerprints of God" in our lives.  He obviously had prompted someone to do this and these individuals had been sensitive to that prompting in their lives.  So that night I could again thank God for His fingerprints in my life.

I saw God's fingerprints this week when my wife and I were able to spend some time talking on the phone with a pastor and his dear wife who have become friends of ours.  They are currently going through a ministry trial much like we faced.  When I got off the phone after praying with this pastor and friend I was reminded of the beauty of God's Word in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 which tells us that God comforts us in our trials so that we can comfort those who are going through the same trial.  Whenever God's Word comes to life, especially when it give meaning to past hurt, I see it as the "fingerprints of God" and I am thankful.

When we were going through our time of hurt we had shared our evening routine with friends of ours.  They had special coffee cups made for us that said "Fingerprints of God" on them.  Every time I drink from that cup I remember those dear friends because faithful friends are often how God shows His fingerprints in our lives.

Thank you, God, for Your fingerprints!

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Connie said...

Thank you for sharing this. We, too, enjoy Our Lord's feathered friends. And yesterday an Oriole appeared in our back yard. We heard it before we saw it. We were both so excited! A pair of Humming Birds arrived last week also.God's fingerprints for sure!