Saturday, December 10, 2011

Learn How to Avoid the Post-Holiday-Let-Down

Even the best Christmas can come with a post-holiday-let-down! Just think of the first Christmas! It started with Glad Tidings. There was the birth of a baby! There were angels! There were shepherds. And ultimately there were Wise Men bringing amazing gifts. What a special Christmas.

But then the Glad Tidings of that first Christmas rapidly turned to a Great Threat! There was an evil king. There were murderous plans. There was an angelic warning. And ultimately there was a flight to Egypt in order to save a child's life.

See what I mean - even the best Christmas ever came with a post-holiday-let-down. Chances are very good that your Christmas this year will as well. Join us here at Gaylord E-Free this Sunday at 9:30am as we look at this story in Scripture and learn together learn three principles that we can apply to our lives even now to help us to avoid the Christmas Crash of the post-holiday-let down!

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