Tuesday, December 06, 2011

E-Free Core Values Acronym

At our Leadership Planning Day here at the Gaylord E-Free Church last Saturday, we broke into groups and discussed our core values as a church and how we would word them if we were using the acronym for E-FREE where we had one core value for each letter. Here is what the groups came up with (one of them actually included hand motions):

E = Exalt God and Emulate Christ
F = Faithful to the Scriptures
R = Reach people for Christ
E = Edify and Educate the body
E = Excellence in the Execution of ministry

E = Exalt Jesus Christ
F = Focus on God's Word
R = Reach out
E = Edify one another
E = Engage

E = Evangelism
F = Following God's Word
R = Reaching our to connect people
E = Encourage service to God
E = Excellence in all we do

E = Exalt God in all we do
F = Fellowship in Christ
R = Reach out to the community
E = Edify the body
E = Excellence in everything

E = Exalt Christ
F = Fulfill His commands
R = Reach the lost
E = Emphasize the Bible
E = Encourage one another

E = Evangelism
F = Faith
R = Relationships
E = Experience God's presence
E = Exemplify Christ

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Walter Moore said...

E = Encourage Others
F = Forgiving Towards Others
R = Rely On God
E = Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ
E = Exalt God On High