Monday, December 26, 2011


It was an amazing weekend at Gaylord E-Free. 1300 people were part of our two Christmas Eve Services which saw many put their faith in Jesus Christ for the very first time. Hallelujah! Then came the "icing on the cake" as we gathered together again on Christmas morning for some more Christmas worship.

Our theme Christmas morning was "MEGA JOY" and we illustrated the JOY of Christmas in a very special way. As each person entered the Gospel Center they were given either a blue or white star-shaped BALLOON filled with helium. As the service started I told everyone that the balloon they were holding represented the JOY that was in their heart. I then instructed them that at any time during the service in which their JOY was overflowing to simply let go of the BALLOON!

I can't tell you how cool and amazing it was throughout the morning as we worshipped to see these blue and white star-shaped BALLOONS floating up to the ceiling of our auditorium - literally hundreds of them. By the end of the service we could look up and see these BALLOONS covering the ceiling as each of us were able in a creative way to visibly and physically demonstrate our JOY on the birthday of Jesus!

Between seeing hundreds of people holding lit candles on Christmas Eve and then watching hundreds of these blue and white star-shaped balloons floating up to the ceiling on Christmas morning, it really was a special weekend at the Gaylord E-Free Church! And over the next several weeks you will be reminded of this special and joyful day every time you enter the church Gospel Center and see those balloons above your head. The way I see it, they should all lose enough helium that they will all float back down by about Easter Sunday!

Today Christmas is over - but the JOY continues!

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