Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Learning to Live Hungry

By the end of this past summer I was faced with a dilemma. My size 40 pants no longer fit real well. I mean, they fit, but certainly not comfortably. So here was the decision that had to be made. Do I go out and buy size 42 pants so I can relax again or do I do something more drastic and go on a diet. Well, I quickly made up my mind that I was not spending money on new and bigger pants. Geez, if I could just lose a little bit of weight I have a whole wardrobe of size 38 pants just sitting in my closet.

But what diet do I embark upon? In the past I have always used the Atkins Diet. For me that was good. Why? Because I would lose weight fast. But even better than that, I could eat as much as I wanted as long as the dreaded carbohydrates were not involved. But, just as in past ventures, the diet worked great while I was on it, but as soon as I went off of it, the weight came back with a vengeance and I would end up heavier than before I started the diet.

So this time, I decided that I really didn’t need a diet. What I really needed was a change in lifestyle. You see, I am the type of person who eats until they are stuffed and then continues with a little bit more. I am also the type of person that watches a lot of sports on television and the whole time I am watching a game, I am eating. I mean it. I would start with a bowl of popcorn and then move to a giant bowl of ice cream and then hit the fridge for whatever leftovers I might be able to find from the last couple of dinners.

So last September 8, the day after Labor Day, I started a new lifestyle. Now, instead of eating two huge meals a day until I’m stuffed (that’s what I used to do for lunch and dinner every day), I eat much smaller portions far more frequently. For example, yesterday’s menu for me was the following:

I had one egg and a piece of toast before I left the house in the morning. I drank a Slimfast shake mind-morning. I had a small sized helping of left over stir fry about noon. About 2pm, I had some red peppers and a very small amount of peanuts. About 4pm, I had one Lean Pocket. About 8pm, I had a turkey sandwich. Before I went to bed I had a yogurt. I have found it is cheaper to eat out now because my wife and I share a meal.

The hardest part is that I never feel real full. My wife says I am eating less more frequently. That’s a nice way of simply saying that I am learning to live hungry. However, my body is beginning to adjust to the new routine and I have lost 2 pounds a week since I started. And, I am noticing a difference in my clothes and in my energy.

I am also drinking a lot more water. I never really drank water in the past because it just isn’t appealing to me. Now I am drinking a lot of water. But let me be honest, I am not exercising. Why? Let me give you two reasons. First, the more I exercise the hungrier I get. And second, I am drinking enough water that I am getting in many miles of walking each day going back and forth to the restroom about 20 times every 24 hours!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your weight loss efforts. I too have been struggling to lose some weight and it is a challenge. I wish it came off as easily as it goes on!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Take care by eating less...

It is a math issue... less calories in + moderate burn rate = less weight. Just reduce the flour and sugar and increase the love.

You can do it! Grace is the answer and we want to see you succeed!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in encouraging others to take very good care of the earthly bodies God has given each one of us. Before my children I instructed aerobics classes and loved to encourage my attendees with healthy habits, I am always discouraged to hear when someone is spending time on a "diet" that will not benefit the individual in the long run, because if your going to all the effort to have good habits you should make them worth your while. I was excited to hear today in church you have chosen to eat less verses eliminate certain food groups, all foods at least those that are not processed have minerals and vitamins our bodies need to fight illness, disease and maintain good health and energy. I do however encourage you to find an exercise you enjoy and take a sabbatical from the TV, it will make your dieting efforts 100% better and you will soon find the natural stress reducer and feel good from your activity will be more of a draw than the remote. Praying that you continue to find daily encouragement and accountability with your health and lifestyle.

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Your advice is well taken.