Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As you know, Grace Church and Lititz Christian School fully support four Christian Schools for orphans in the Central African Republic. The following is a report we received from our school in Cattin written to us by Ginger Hock, who is the Field Director for Grace Brethren International Missions in the Central African Republic:

"I visited your school today and observed the classes meeting in the new school building. Here's Pastor Laida in front of the building that now has a nice tin roof and wood door and window frames (see picture above). He's still working on the windows in the classroom on the right. Both classes seem to be going well. Pastor Laida asked me to thank you once again for all you have done for the Cattin church and school. He is making a plea to the people in his church to have a little clinic to store medicines just for the orphan school children. This would be mostly worm and malaria medicine to assist the kids when they are feeling poorly. It's really great to see the Church on this side taking responsibility and thinking ahead about what they can do for these kids. I was blessed. Thanks again for all you do and for all your prayers!!!"

How awesome is that? And don’t forget that our Birthday Gift for Jesus project this Christmas will once again go toward our ongoing ministry to these precious orphans in the C.A.R. You can give to this fund throughout the month of December. As always we ask that all giving to these types of special funds be above and beyond your regular giving to the general fund.

Speaking of impacting the world, Mission Team leader here at Grace Church, Mike McCracken, and his wife, Joan, returned to Cambodia on October 26th and will not return home again until November 11. They are there for the Community Transformation Ministries (CTM) Summit. Since the founding of CTM it has been the vision and intention that it becomes a ministry with an Asia-wide focus. To this point, CTM’s ministries have been focused entirely in Cambodia. This Summit is designed to assemble all of the people who have been involved in development ministries throughout Asia and of those who will be involved in the future. This is a momentous event. This expansion and improvement of CTM at this time will profit immeasurably in its efforts to make disciples and plant churches throughout Asia, in particular the poorer countries of SE and East Asia.

Mike and Joan have been a very important part of the development of CTM over a number of years and a big part of the success and advancement of CTM in Cambodia. It is also the intention of the McCrackens to stay involved in CTM in the future. Since this Summit is such a significant event in the strategic advancement of Asia ministries, and since Mike and Joan factor large in the future development of CTM ministries, it is extremely important and beneficial that they are part. We have budget monies each year in our Missions area for Mike and Joan’s continued ministry abroad as ambassadors of Grace Church. Please be praying for Mike and Joan while they are gone.

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