Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Staff Prayer Walk

If you have attended Grace long enough, you should be able to fill in the blank, “Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from __________!” Of course, the answer is PRAYER. At our last Staff Meeting our entire staff participated in what we call a “Prayer Walk” through our building. Why? Well, think of it this way, In Joshua 1:3, God made this promise to Joshua,

“Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you….” (Joshua 1:3 NASB)

NoW obviously this promise was concerning the Promised Land that Joshua would lead Israel in conquering. But in a very real way, I think the same is true concerning the wonderful facility God has given to us here at Grace. I think it is safe to say that every place that our feet walk within our facility is a place that God has given to us. So, as a result, we spent an hour doing a prayer walk as a staff through our facility.

Now what exactly is prayer walking? Prayer walking is targeted prayer as you ask at the place of need (in this case, it was the location of our educational ministries). Prayer walking is intercessory prayer which is praying on behalf of others (in this case we prayed for the students, faculty and staff of our educational ministries). In groups of three and four we walked through the areas that are the main usage areas of Morningstar Childcare and Academics as well as Lititz Christian School.

The emphasis was on praying not walking. Even as we walked in between areas we stayed focused on praying and on listening to the Holy Spirit. The key was to stay focused for the entire hour on one thing….interceding on behalf of our educational ministries. That is why we didn’t even take our cell phones along with us.

We began our time in each room by quietly praying, “Holy Spirit, what do you want our group to do in this room?” We also tried not to do the same thing in each area. We wanted to be creative as the Holy Spirit led us. For example, sometimes we prayed silently. Sometimes one person prayed. Sometimes everyone was part of a specific, short, conversational prayer. Sometimes we prayed while standing. Sometimes we prayed while seated at a desk. Sometimes we prayed while kneeling. Sometimes we prayed while touching the teacher’s desk, a student’s desk or the door to the room. Sometimes we just stood silently before the Lord. Sometimes we sang a song of worship as a prayer or prayed a passage of Scripture. We prayed for each administrator, faculty and staff member of our Educational Ministries. We prayed for each student and each family represented by our students.

Then, inside each room, there was a card. Before we left the room, we each wrote a note on the card to the teacher of that room. These cards will be given to the teachers in these rooms when they return for the new school year so that they know that we prayed for them.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is attending Lititz Christian in the fall and this gave me so much comfort to know how much Grace church is dedicated to praying for not only the students and teachers but also for the families. Thank you for your commitment to prayer.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'm sure that the Lord will use Lititz Christian in great ways in the life of your daughter this school year! Glad to hear she will be attending!