Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This morning as I walked out to get into the car to come to work, I saw the thick black clouds of smoke filling the sky. Something was definitely on fire and its source seemed very near our church. Actually, it was the barn that sits next to the church. In a matter of minutes the blaze took the barn to the ground as fire-fighters worked to contain the flames. You can see a picture of the blaze at the following link from WGAL:


Once the flames were out and things were just smoldering, I walked up to the scene to talk to the firefighter in charge and let him know that we had bottles of cold water here at the church and that all emergency responders were welcome to use our restroom facilities or just spend a few minutes inside in the air conditioning.

We are also trying to make contact with the owners of the property so that we can offer them any assistance they might need as well. Please be praying for our neighbors. Please be praying for the firefighters. As we saw in our series in Esther, God is always working behind the scenes so please also be praying that would use GRACE church to be able to share the GRACE of God.

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