Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Wardrobe for September - Part 1

As you know, I have been known to dress differently at times on a Sunday morning depending on the theme of the day. To me, effective communication is using everything at my disposal to keep people visually focused in this visually stimulated culture in which we live. In fact, over the years I have dressed up in a variety of ways including :

Robin Hood
A European Fisherman (pictured)
A Papua New Guinea Native (pictured)
The Pope (pictured)
A Smurf
A Hobo
A McDonald's Manager (pictured)
Super Man
A 1960’s Hippie
A 1970’s Disco Guy
A 1980’s Miami Vice Character (pictured)

But tomorrow in my blog, I will show you the shirt that I think I should get and wear each Sunday in September for our upcoming Touchdown Jesus message series which kicks off September 6th. For this series, everything about the morning will have a football theme. We encourage all of you to do all of the following:

Be sure you are here every Sunday! You won’t want to miss a week. From the moment you arrive you will get the football feel as you see pre-church tailgate parties going on in the parking lot. As you enter the lobby, you will enter the “red zone”…the last 20 yards to the end zone and you will cross the goal line as you enter the auditorium.

Come early on Sunday and plan to meet some of your friends in the parking lot for your own pre-church tailgate party. Pull out the doughnuts or fire up the grill with some breakfast sausages. Bring a thermos of coffee. Turn on some music and thrown some ball around. If we can get excited about going to a football game, why can’t we get excited about going to church! After all, the local church is the hope of the world because we have the only message that can change someone’s eternity.

Invite everyone you know to attend. Along with the fun football theme, we will take the entire month to study the parable of the four soils told by Jesus. This is a very important teaching of Christ that we desperately need to understand. We will see that just because someone has heard the gospel, or even prayed a prayer, doesn’t necessarily make them a true child of God. Through this parable we will be able to see if we are simply “playing church” or if we truly have a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Finally, pull out all of your football accessories. Whether it’s high school, college, or the NFL, if you have a jersey, shirt or hat of your favorite team, wear it each Sunday that month. You a follower of the Green Bay Packers? Then put on your cheesehead and wear it. This is your chance to show your team’s colors each and every Sunday in September.

Tomorrow I will share with you the shirt that I think I should wear all month.


chrisbreneman said...

hmmmmm...is it going to involve red and silver? ;)

Pastor Scott said...

Come on, Chris...can you Penn State/Virginia Tech vans not get anything right? it's not red and silver...it's scarlet and grey!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard the story many times, but still waiting to see you in your "Robin Hood" outfit. Come on, show us!!

Pastor Scott said...

You never know, Anonymous. One of these days I juts might surprise you!