Friday, July 17, 2009

If It Ain't Broke...

I’m sure you have heard the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, that is wonderful if you don’t want your organization to grow. I subscribe to a different adage that says, “If it ain’t broke, break it!” Why? Because change is good.

For those that work here at Grace Church, we are going to be experiencing a lot of change over the next 6 months. Virtually everything in the office as we know it will change. A lot of it won’t affect people who attend Grace Church, but for those that work here, over the next 6 months everything internally is going to be “under construction.” For example, here are just a few of the changes that we’ll be experiencing the next 6 months:

Financial Systems
Facility Systems
Office Systems
H.R. Systems
Management Systems
New Church Website
New Church Logo
New Education Website
Office Construction
Café/Office Expansion
Daycare/School Systems
New Connections Process
Saturday Night Pilot

So to kick off our first full work week in July, I came in the night before and hung up 124 signs all over the office, even in the restrooms. Half of these signs were various signs you would see when entering road construction. The other half of the signs contained one verse from Philippians 4:4…“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” I even put a few dozen orange cones all over the office. I actually watched two people trip over them because they were walking while reading. Isn’t that kind of like driving while texting? We are going to leave all the signs up as long as possible because we all really need the reminder that in these times of change we need to have the right attitude.

We did have some fun with the signs. It was brought to my attention that putting a construction sign that said “Loose Stone” next to the urinal in the men’s room was probably not the wisest of choices. But wait until I find out who changed the sign on the door of the stall in the men’s restroom to read, “Sinkhole Ahead”!!

So let me say it once more time for all of us…“Rejoice (the idea of throwing a party like the prodigal son’s father did when his son returned home) in the Lord (the One who never changes) always (even while under construction…even while experiencing change); again I will say (I will continue to remind you), rejoice!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! and who were the two that tripped while reading and walking?! because i'm thinking everyone on the road should be alerted of multi-tasking on the road- texting while driving!!

Pastor Scott said...

I'll tell you what, anonymous. I'll give you just three guesses. if you get any of them right I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

YOUR WIFE! haha i'm pretty sure i'm right on this one!!
Pastor Tim

basically as the last 2 are the only other staffers i know!

Pastor Scott said...

OK Anonymous...of the 3 names you mentioned one hit the bullseye!!

Anonymous said...

and that hit is your wife!!