Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BAD DAY - Part Three

This posting is the conclusion of three parts. To get the full story, I encourage you to go back and read parts one and two before continuing on with today’s posting.

Chapter six of Esther opens with the words, “During that night.” On the very night that Haman decides to ask the next day for the death of Mordecai and is sleeping the sweet sleep of revenge, the king suffers from a divine case of insomnia. Who do you think caused that? God may be invisible but He is always at work. To help him get sleepy, the king asks for the books recording the history of his kingdom to be read. As dawn gets ready to break, the reader happens to read the account from when Mordecai exposed the assassination plot against the king. Mordecai had saved the king’s life but had never been recognized or rewarded. Even when we are forgotten it is God working behind the scenes. Had Mordecai been rewarded he most likely would have awoken this morning to the end of a sharpened 75 foot pole. The king, however, realizes that no reward was ever given to Mordecai and he seeks his highest official for advice on what to do.

At this exact moment that the king wants to talk to his highest advisor about how to reward Mordecai, Haman arrives at the palace to request permission to kill the very man the king wants to reward. And if this is not ironic enough for you, it gets even better. Without mentioning the name of the person, the king asks Haman what he should do to honor a person he wishes to honor. Haman no doubt thinks the king is talking about wanting to reward him so he suggests that royal treatment be given to this individual. Put a royal robe on him that the king has worn! Put him on the king’s own horse! Put the king’s royal crown on his head! Have one of the king’s noble men lead him through the town square proclaiming that this is what happens to the person the king wishes to honor!

Can’t you just see Haman envisioning himself sitting upon that majestic steed being led through the streets of Susa as people cheer and applaud? Oh what I would not have given to see the look on old Haman’s face when the king says, “Great idea, Haman. Now go do that for Mordecai and you lead the horse! And by the way, Haman, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” I love how God works. Instead of hanging Mordecai, as Haman thought would happen that morning, he instead finds himself leading Mordecai through the crowded streets of Susa while he sits on the king’s horse, wearing the king’s royal crown and royal robe. I find myself laughing every time I read this story.

When this is finished, Haman returns home where his wife and advisors prophesy that Mordecai would end up destroying Haman rather than Haman destroying Mordecai. They are so right this time. It really goes back to Genesis 12 when God promised Abraham that he would build out of his seed a great nation and those who blessed that nation, God would bless. And those who cursed that nation, God would curse. That promise was true then and may we never forget that that promise is still true today. While they are speaking, Haman is called to the second banquet with the king and queen…the plot thickens. Haman’s bad day is about ready to get a whole lot worse.

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