Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May's Highlights

This week we finish up the month of April and what a great month it was with well over 7,000 people contacted and impacted when you combine our Easter Egg-Stravaganza; Good Friday; and our four Easter services here at Grace. WOW! God is so good. We also saw the biggest “post-Easter” bump in attendance we have ever seen as a church.

Our Celebrate Jesus Decade by Decade series has really connected with people as we have gone down nostalgia lane to drive home the point that while everything seems to change decade by decade, the truth about Jesus remains the same. It’s been fun to listen to the music from the different decades, watch video clips from the different decades and even to dress like the different decades (I think my “Don Johnson – Miami Vice” look for the 80’s week that is pictured above was the best – what do you think?) And how wonderful it was to see dozens of people cross that line of faith and trust Jesus last Sunday in all three of our worship services. We will finish that series this Sunday with the current decade as we see that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

So as May shows up later this week, here are some of the ministry and personal highlights that I am looking forward to as we go through this wonderful Spring month together meeting people right where they are and helping to move them to where God wants them to be:

Weddings: Beginning this weekend through the first weekend of June, I will be officiating 5 weddings in 6 weeks. WOW! Love is in the air here at Grace! What is the deal with that? One of these weddings will be at the shore…that’s cool! I’m a little nervous about the one that is in a barn, complete with possible line dancing. I better not get any “cow-pie” on my dress shoes! Seriously, I love being part of these special days in the lives of people who are part of Grace!

Fenway Park: I love baseball and I love the Cleveland Indians. I am pumped that early in the month of May I get to go with a friend from Grace to historic Fenway Park (I’ve never been there and can’t wait to get a look at the green monster) to watch my Indians clobber the Red Sox (please, God, let them clobber the Red Sox)! In mid-May I get to go to Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies battle the Dodgers.

Chick Flicks: Mother’s Day will start a brand new 5-week series we are calling “Chick Flicks of the Bible.” Honestly, I hate “chick flick” type movies, but these stories are really cool. The first one is about a prostitute and includes a whole lot of espionage (007 has nothing on the Bible); the second one is an amazing story of romance that even men will enjoy; the final story is about a very wise woman who is unnamed in Scripture but who literally cuts off a guy’s head and throws it over the city wall to save the people of the city from destruction. If you like action, you’ll love this third story!

Other special days in May include:

May 8 – Our daughter, Joy, comes homes from college
May 22 – My son, Jonathan, and his band will be playing in “The Battle of the Bands”
May 23 – Laura and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary


Tina said...

I'm sad to see the "decades" series end! Your outfits were my Sunday morning humor! You won't be dressing like Julia Roberts for "chick flicks" will you????

Pastor Scott said...

Hmmmm....now there is an idea!!!