Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter on Saturday Night

It is 7:40pm and everyone has just now cleared out from our Saturday evening service and first of 4 Easter celebrations here at Grace. All I can say is...WOW! We had no idea what to expect in offering a Saturday night Easter service. In all honesty, I was praying for 150 people and I felt that was a prayer of faith. But God is able to do super abundantly beyond what we ask. We had 612 in the auditorium tonight and when you add the nursery and kid's program in, we were well over 700...ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

The service was as energetic as I have ever experienced. The graphics, videos and lighting set a great atmosphere. The 70's fashion look on stage had people buzzing. All of our musicians just nailed their songs. The people sang and clapped. I felt like folks were hanging on every word of the message. Listen, folks, something is happening in this place! God is doing something and we get to do it all again tomorrow morning...3 MORE TIMES!!!!

By the way, I met two individuals tonight who both trusted Christ as their Savior last night at our Good Friday service! AMEN!

Well, I better head home. The good news is I'm hungry and ready for dinner (after I get out of this disco outfit and get the grease out of my hair). The bad news is that my adrenaline is so high right now, and I am so anticipating tomorrow, that I doubt I will sleep much tonight!! but that's OK...when I'm week, He is strong.



Anonymous said...

that is so awesome! it was an amazing weekend and the Lord worked in amazing ways...

Pastor Scott said...

Amen, Anonymous!