Monday, April 27, 2009

Beginning May 10 - Sundays at Grace Goes Live on the Web

We are very pumped about what God is doing through our weekend services here at Grace Church. Don’t you wish people you know who don’t live anywhere near us could experience worship at Grace? Don’t you hate it when you personally have to miss a Sunday due to sickness or being out of town? Through our “Decade by Decade” series I have enjoyed telling people that Grace Church is so exciting that when you miss a week it’s like missing 10 years.

As a result, we wanted to be able to expand the scope of our impact to those who can’t be here on Sunday mornings but wish they could be. We already put the tape of our previoius services on-line so our messages can be watched and many people all over the country and all over the world take advantage of this. But now, beginning on Mother’s Day, May 10th, we will be putting our 10am service on the web via a live stream. That’s right…from anywhere in the world you can watch our 10am service via a live webcast on the internet.

I am so thankful to our Worship Arts techs who have worked so hard to make this opportunity possible. This has especially involved the work of Tim Reedy, our Media Producer, and Nancy Martin, our Audio Producer. Both of them do a remarkable job. So here is how you can use this new ministry opportunity to help us fulfill our purpose of meeting as many people as possible right where they are at and helping to move them to where God wants then to be:

Do you know people around the country and even around the world who are home on Sunday mornings at 10am PA time? Then make sure to pass on to them the news that beginning May 10th, they can watch our full worship service live on the internet!

If you have to miss church on Sunday because of sickness, you don’t have to miss the service. Turn on your computer at 10am and watch our service live!

If you are out of town due to work or vacation, you can still be part of Grace Church by turning on your computer at 10am PA time and watching our worship service live!

And even our missionaries that we support around the country and around the world, who have access to the internet on Sunday mornings at 10am, can still feel connected to Grace Church as they watch our live webcast.

This extension of our ministry begins on May 10th which is Mother’s Day. So, if your mom can’t come to church with you at Grace this Mother’s Day….do the next best thing. Be sure to tell mom that she can watch our 10am service live from Grace Church on the web. The link for our Sunday morning service live webcast is below. Remember, starting May 10th, our 10am service can now be watched live through a video web cast. Tell everyone!


Tim R said...

Thank you Pastor Scott!
As a student at Grove City College I can't make it home on the weekends and can finally watch you on a streaming webcast. I've looked all around the town for different churches, but nothing has lived up to what I've seen at Grace!

Pastor Scott said...

Awesome, Tim! My prayer is that God will use the live webcats of our 10am service in your life and in the lives of many others!

Anonymous said...

This will be great for my grandmother. She attends here and sometimes, due to health issues, cannot come. Now she can listen to the service online!

Pastor Scott said...

That's wonderful, anonymous. I'm glad that we can use technology to meet your grandmother right where she is at!

Anonymous said...

I told my brother about this as he has been sporadic in his attendance lately and he was very excited and then he commented... with a laugh.. will there be a paypal button during the offering.

Pastor Scott said...

Anonymous...Paypal? Funny you should mention that!!!!