Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Letter from the Central African Republic - Part 2

This posting is the continuation of a letter from the central African Republic that I started in my post yesterday. Be sure to read yesterday’s post to get the full context of the letter.

Thanks to you, these 98 orphans have lunch at school each day before returning to their place of residence. Because of you the 2 teachers receive a monthly food stipend, which is very appreciated in this post-war period. Due to your help some orphans understand that life can go on and that they can succeed like other kids. Thanks to your help certain war widows and members of the AFEB who were hopeless and discouraged are growing in courage and hope.

From the orphans of Bossangoa, Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Thank you so much!

Please share these prayer requests and pray for us:

The church of Bossangoa finds itself in a post-war context in which the church members have lost everything. The most difficult situations are those of rape victims and widows. Pray for committed American or European women to come and provide biblical training and consolation for the women of our church, and to help them organize enterprises that will enable them to be self sustaining. (Some examples: sewing, indigo dye, knitting, fruit juices, oil making, soap making, basic computer skills, primary health care, etc.)

In our post-war context our youth are anxious for change: pray for committed young Americans or Europeans to come and provide Bible training and life-change teaching. Our young people need to gain courage and take a stand for Jesus Christ and for the Church. Our youth need a new vision as well as encouragement toward development initiatives. (Some examples might be animal husbandry, carpentry, cabinet-making, etc.)

The post–war context in which our Bossangoa church finds itself means our members are impoverished to the point that they cannot pay for medicines and medical care. Church members are dying even from non-life-threatening illness, and the number of orphans increases every day. Pray that God will raise up new interest in American and European churches for missionary work alongside our Central African churches in general and in Bossangoa in particular.

Written in Bossangoa the 10th of February 2009

Signed: Reverend Pastor George Gonire (pictured)Sembe-Gan Church

Signed: Pastor Thomas Elvis Guenekean (pictured) AFEB Council

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