Monday, December 15, 2008

REBUKED...And Deservedly So!

I received the following comment on my blog back on my December 12th post:

Oh, Pastor Scott, I know your dislike for critics, grumbling and complaining, but this doesn't benefit me at all, unless you consider that I would not find such errors distracting when reading your blogs seriously. I.e., ...."there were people..." (There - beginning sentence - cap T); "Among this crowd was a women..." (woman); "...that her bleeding had stooped..." (stopped).

In your previous two blogs - Hmmm, the word "stupidest" - acceptable, true, (the rule is - two syllable words, add er and est, or more and most, but not together. My opinion is that "most stupid" sounds less like a teenager speaking. "Thee are even some..." (There); "... more true..." (truer - single syllable, add er or est). We see such errors through your writings repeatedly, many of which are not "spell or grammar checker" proof. Consider waiting a few minutes before you proof read, because the flow of your words are still fresh in your mind, and so your brain doesn't pick up on the errors as your re-read. Maybe consider to have your office staff proof read it.

You are intelligent and educated, and many of such errors occur when in a hurry, and sometimes they portray a different image. Since the world is reading a lot of good things here, I just would like you to be the best you can be and convey your accuracy of your messages and thoughts without looking ridiculous with misspelled words and the like.

I know this is a no post comment, but that's OK, and I want you to know that I don't read your blog to scrutinize; the errors just pop up and are a distraction that generates scrutiny of the rest of what is being read, rather than focusing on the depth and content of what is being said. Frankly, my hurrying generates the most common "your and you're" and "their and there" errors that my mom still corrects me on, and I'm a writer. Hang in - surely you have quite a few thousands of blog hits to go.

A Nony Mous

P.S.: I'm so paranoid I have an error in here somewhere that I have read it at least a dozen times before sending. We all can do better, can't we?

I knew I should have blocked my blog from being read by anyone that is or ever has been a school teacher anywhere in the world!! Back when I was in high school we had the dreaded "5-grammar mistake rule!" If any paper or project we did in any class had at least 5 grammar mistakes then it was an automatic "F"! As a result, back then I got pretty good at grammar. Today, however, it is not my best suit (I'm Sorry, Miss Haslet…my high school English teacher) so I humbly accept this comment/rebuke knowing that it came from a heart of love…perhaps the heart of a teacher! By the way, the only way I passed typing class in high school was by cheating! I think I’m still suffering the consequences of that sin today (I apologize, Mrs. Nauman…my high school typing teacher)!


Anonymous said...

YIIIKKKKEEESSS! Well, I guess I put myself out there, so I now await my rebuke also.

Surely someone will point out the outrageous use of commas, semicolons, or other punctuation errors, which is another one of my faults, because I am terrible at grammar; how can I be a writer????

Addtionally, I expect someone will check whether or not proof read or proofread is in its correct form.

Oh well, here's an A+ for being a good sport Scotty my lad, and God forgives you for cheating in typing class. Now mind your P's and Q's!

Bless you my dear, and I await my fate, it can only help me to continue to improve.

A Nony Nous

Pastor Scott said...

As my title said...I deserved the rebuke. This is an area that I need to elevate in importance. By posting yoru comment, I can make myself accoutnable. Thanks for reading...and sharing!

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk!..."By posting (yoru) comment"; (whoops). Hmmmmm.... and on (12/13)this one -
"Since on his birthday I am allowing the country style song to be song..." - might that be "sung"? (The thought of country music will do to that to you.)

Reminds me of a song - "Slow down, you move to fast, you have to make the morning last; just kickin' down the cobblestones, lookin' for (misspelled words) and feelin' groovyyyyyy,.... lalalala la.... feelin' groovy."

Pastor Scott said...

I can't believe I just allowed a comment on my blog that has the word "groovy" in it. Suddenly I am getting flashbacks of the Brady Bunch!