Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More On Steve Burghart

In my blog yesterday I began to introduce you to Steve Burghart who is our potential Pastor of Connections candidate. If you did not read yesterday’s blog entry, please be sure to do so. Below is some additional information about Steve:

Conversion Experience: Steve grew up in an atheistic, although socially conservative household ruled by the gods, science, reason and his father. After his marriage, as Steve worked as an engineer and his wife stayed home to raise their daughters, Steve became frustrated, feeling like he wasn’t in control of his life and not knowing how to be a father. During his morning commute to work he began to listen to the ministry J Vernon McGee on the radio and became convicted of the truth of the words he heard. Steve and Shawna decided to take the girls to church and started attending Saddleback Church where he ultimately put his faith in Christ.

Call to Ministry: Steve has always seen himself as gifted for teaching and team building. That gifting was expressed through being a small business owner, a team leader, and coaching soccer. After coming to faith, Steve began serving in the Baptism Ministry at Saddleback. His Ministry leader quickly realized that Steve had the gifts and the desire to manage, recruit, train and coach volunteers. This person asked Steve what he would be vocationally if there were absolutely no barriers. Without hesitation, Steve said that he knew God had made him a teacher. This leader went on to share with Steve how it was evident that he was called into pastoral ministry.

Summary: Steve has a deep yet practical knowledge of small group ministry. He is currently a part time staff member at Rick Warren’s Church (Saddleback Community Church) in Lake Forest, CA, as a Small Group Team Leader. He and his wife also host a small group in their home. He has served with Saddleback in this capacity for several years and has been part of their small group growth. Steve recently graduated from Talbot Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in evangelism and discipleship and where one of his professors (Dr McIntosh) is a leading expert on church growth. His experience serving under Rick Warren, coupled with his formal ministry education, bring many strengths in the area of local church evangelism and discipleship. There is no question, though, that Steve’s passion in ministry is small groups. That is his heart and his ministry calling. Steve is also very analytical and a very good problem solver. His love is taking the vision of the leader over him and making it happen in a practical and effective manner. Philosophically, he is right on board with the vision and strategy of our church and is 100% comfortable with our church’s doctrine and teachings. Because Steve found Christ as an adult he still very much understands the mindset of the unbeliever. This will be a great advantage to our team. Steve is extremely outgoing…a real people person. He is a natural at starting conversations and building bridges with people. He also has a very good sense of humor. He will fit in fine with our staff. He also will bring energy to the team and to me personally as the Senior Pastor. Steve is a doer and a self-motivator. He will not be timid in leading us into being a church of small groups.

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