Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Grace Church Dating Service

Since our purpose as a church revolves around the phrases “meeting people” and “moving people” it also seems to me that these would be very appropriate phrases to use in launching a Grace Church dating service. You have heard of E-harmony…maybe we could call this G-harmony. The only catch is that this service has only one relationship in mind. We want to find the right girl for our Worship Arts Director here at Grace Church, Matt McElravy (pictured here as a child). As a first step I have put together an application. Any single girl who is at least age 18 or older (hey, we want to keep all of our options open) and who loves Jesus (after all, we have to have a starting point) who would like to be considered for this honor may feel free to apply. Simply answer the questions below. Since we are not asking for a picture of each applicant and physical appearance is not being consdiered (sorry, Matt, those are the rules), it is crucial that each answer be made with absolute honesty!

G-Dating Application for Matt McElravy:

1. Do you, have you, or would you ever consider wearing black fingernail polish?

2. Do you play the guitar? If so, what kind of guitar(s) do you own? Depending on that answer, do you believe in sharing?

3. Can you hum the entire theme song to the television show, “The Simpson’s”? Did you find yourself in mourning when Homer Simpson’s mother died on the cartoon show?

4. How many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have you ever missed?

5. How would you handle the fragile emotions of the sensitive, creative personality type?

6. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Sweet N Low, Sugar or Plain?

7. Can you name the current starting pitching rotation of the Philadelphia Phillies?

8. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest) how much do you like country music? Rock and Roll? Jazz? Blue Grass? Polka?

9. Do you use a Mac for a personal laptop? Why or why not?

10. Do you prefer choosing where to go when eating out or letting the person(s) with you make that decision?

Please submit your answers via e-mail to me at Pastor Tim Auld and I will serve as judges by carefully reviewing all applicants, weeding out those who would not be right for Matt, and then passing on the “possibilities” to our dear friend and colleague.

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