Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Worship First at Grace

Last fall, our Worship Arts Director, Matt McElravy, led us in our first ever Saturday Night of Worship here at Grace Church. This night was very well received and as a result, Matt has organized a second evening of worship. Our next Night of Worship will be held on Saturday, February 2 at 7:00 PM in the Grace Church auditorium. This will be a wonderful time of coming together to sing, pray, and meditate on the Word of God together in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Mark your calendars now--this will be a special evening! And making this evening extra-special is the fact that we will be recording the original music written by Matt that we sing together here at Grace, with the goal of producing a 4-song CD that will be released around Easter this year. That means that if you are here on February 2, your voice (and hand claps, and shouts, and so on) will be on the CD as well! So sing out! This is the first project of its kind for us here at Grace Church, and hopefully not the last, so we encourage all of you who are able to come out and worship together and make this a great experience!

It is then our hope to do a quick turn-around of hundreds and hundreds of these CD’s from our Night of Worship so that on Easter Sunday we can give as a gift to every family who attends a free copy of our original music that we sing here at Grace Church that have been written by our own Matt McElravy. This is going to be a fabulous evening so please mark your calendars now and spend this evening worshipping our God at Grace.

That is not our last scheduled night of worship, however. On Friday night, March 21, also at 7pm, we will also have a very special Good Friday Night of Worship. This evening is being carefully and prayerfully planned and put together by Lisa Weidman (Assistant Music Director) and Tim Auld (Pastor of Spiritual Formation). The night will focus completely on the cross and the sacrifice of Christ using music and Scripture reading to help us focus on the Good News that Christ died for our sins.

In the past we have not had any Good Friday services here at Grace so we need you to come out and support this special evening. I know that God will use it in your life and use it to prepare you for our celebration on Easter as we are reminded of the words of the angel at the empty tomb…“He is not here! He is risen just as He said!”

You see, corporate worship of God is not something reserved solely for Sunday morning worship services. There is something vibrant and exciting about joining together on a Friday or a Saturday evening and putting all of our thoughts and cares of this world aside and focusing completely on our great God, responding to the truth of His love. So be sure to be part of these two upcoming Nights of Worship:

Saturday, February 2nd (7pm)

Friday, March 21st (7pm)

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