Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Making a difference in IOWA

One of my hobbies is following politics. The realm of politics really intrigues me. I think that if God had not called me to be a pastor, I could have really enjoyed a career in politics. I love to watch the nightly political talk shows on FOX NEWS and CNN and I also enjoy tapping in to the myriad of political talk shows that come over the radio as well. I loved watching shows like the old West Wing series because I was more than intrigued by seeing the inner workings of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, even if it was fiction.

So as a result, I have been closely following the presidential campaigns as they moved into the nation’s first show-down in Iowa last Thursday evening. I literally counted down the hours during the day on Thursday until the television coverage began that evening. As you know (unless you really do live with your head in the sand), former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee easily won the Republican caucuses and Senator Obama really rallied his supporters to defeat both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. When the dust settled, I made two personal observations.

First, I was very glad that I did not have to cast a vote last Thursday night. That is not because I don’t plan to vote. Believe me, I will be at the polling location for the primary and the general election. The reason I was glad that I did not have to vote last Thursday night was because I still really am undecided over what candidate I am going to support. I have rejected all but three of the hopefuls and among those three, there are really only two that I am seriously considering backing. Had I needed to place my choice last Thursday, I honestly could not have told you who I would have gone with. If you have already made up your mind about who you are supporting, please feel free to e-mail me (skdistler@lgbc.org) and tell me who and why…I would love to hear your thoughts.

The second observation I made was that evangelical Christians made a difference in the results in Iowa. There was no mistake about that. The support of evangelical Christians was one reason (but not the only reason) why former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, beat all the other Republican Candidates in spite of spending far less money than some of the field did. Even though I have yet to decide if as an evangelical Christian I will cast my vote for Mike Huckabee if he is still in the race when the primaries make their way to Pennsylvania, it was very encouraging to me to see that when Christians participate, it really does make a difference. After spending four years at Liberty University, sitting under the ministry of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, I learned strong and clear that need. Sometimes it seemed like Dr Falwell had just four themes that he recycled through his yearly preaching schedule…Get Saved...Get Going...Don’t Quit...Vote!

Maybe you have already made your clear choice as to what candidate you are supporting (again, if you have, e-mail me and tell me who and why). Maybe, like me, you are leaning a certain way but have yet to solidify your choice. You may be a Republican…a Democrat…or an Independent. Whatever the case, let me give you four pieces of great advice…Get Saved...Get Going...Don’t Quit...Vote!

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