Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Record Year For "I DO"

You may kiss the bride!” Those have got to be the best words of any wedding. And this is going to be without a doubt a record year for weddings associated with Grace Church. Last Saturday I officiated the first of 11 weddings that are already scheduled in 2008 to be conducted by one of our pastors. I am responsible for nine of these weddings and Pastor Tim and Pastor Whitie each have one as well. Not all of these weddings will be held here at Grace, but they all involve people associated with our ministry. Below are the nine weddings I am already scheduled to officiate during the months of January through August (that’s more than an average of one wedding per month):

January 12: Heugel/Dearborn wedding
February 9: Weidman/McCoy wedding
April 20: McMillan/Linton wedding
May 24: Mast/McClure wedding
June 7: Rice/Kilmer wedding
June 28: Donnelly renewal
June 29 Pfeiffer/Senft wedding
August 2: Rongione/Burton wedding
August 23: Hessen/Douglas wedding

Now that’s a lot of weddings and the list does not include the two weddings being officiated by Pastor Tim and Pastor Whitie. Nor does it include any other weddings that will occur during the fall and early winter. WOW! Love really is in the air at Grace. Something tells me that we better start recruiting some more nursery workers...quickly.

So what should you do if you are looking towards getting married here at Grace or by one of our pastors during this calendar year? First, call the church office and speak with my assistant, Sheri Sell. All requests for weddings originate with her. If you desire me to officiate your ceremony, you must first schedule a pre-counseling meeting with me after completely filling out and turning in an information paper. The purpose of this meeting is for me to decide if I will be able to officiate your wedding.

After that I require six pre-marital counseling sessions. The first session takes place with just me and the engaged couple and serves more as an introduction as we look at 16 predictors of marital success along with positive and negative reasons for getting married. The next four sessions are done in a class setting with other couples whose weddings I am scheduled to officiate and covers topics such as Biblical Love; Marriage Roles; Communication; Handling Conflict; Understanding Temperaments; and Intimacy. The final session takes place with me, the engaged couple, and the wedding coordinator form our church (usually my wife) in order to plan the details of your wedding ceremony.

As you can see…wedding weekends in 2008 are filling up fast. If you are looking toward marriage this coming year, be sure to call Sheri Sell soon!

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